GLAIZA DE CASTRO for Endless Beauty by HBS

Monday, November 15, 2021

It was a nice afternoon of re-connecting as our first salvo of live entertainment press conference meant we're meeting the ever talented Glaiza De Castro. It's been a year of milestones for the Kapuso actress and by no means is she shortchanged in shows, programs, and just recently, endorsements. She is now the face of Endless Beauty by HBS.

It's a company produces top quality skin care products for the most common skin issues. Thing is, they've kept most of their products affordable all these years and it's relatively easy to get hold of them as they've devised to employ a lot of people as distributors and sellers here and in other countries.

We met Ms. Jamie Prado and her daughter during the press conference. They had very humble beginnings coming from money borrowed from her husband (Php 1,500) which she used to purchase soaps back in the day. She learned the ropes and constantly expanded her network. She had the trust of a lot of people because of the products she sold, then began thinking of working with other professionals to put up her own brand. That's where "Endless Beauty by HBS" came about and used it to better the lives of other people. Thing is, it's easy to become part of their movement. You may inquire through their official Facebook page over at and show your intentions to be a distributor too. They have different price points where you can start, and it ain't that much to have your own business. Best of all,  a lot of people love their products already and are only sold through their members. It's also the reason why they have no physical stores because instead of them earning much of it, they prefer their resellers, distributors and dealers to have that opportunity.

Their current best seller is the Bleaching Soap Advanced. There are tons of other products in their line but suggest you know why it's effective. 

Glaiza De Castro was quite happy that she got to represent the brand because the owner Ms Jamie Prado has always regarded her as a very powerful actress, one that can do lead roles, villain roles and become so amazing with it. This is the trait the owner says that convinced her how Glaiza perfectly represents them, they are VERSATILE. They want you to try the product and see how it works on you.

Here's our interview with Glaiza and Ms. Jamie Prado a few days ago

Glaiza also shared her recent trip to the UK and Ireland with her fiancee David Rainey. She also told us about her new shows, new projects, her plans in music and a few details about the wedding and how she met David's parents. They live in the north western part of Ireland and is a very tight nit family, Glaiza really appreciated how she was loved by them and offered  to be her family when she's there. 

Hope you love our updates about Glaiza De Castro! Congratulations dear, you're going to get that dream wedding I'm sure! I'm really happy for you!


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