St. Peter Group Launches St. Peter eStore

Monday, November 29, 2021

As they say in business, you have to adapt in order to survive, innovate if you want to stand out. Well, that's exactly what's happening with St. Peter Life Plan and Chapels as they now are launching the St. Peter eStore.

They've been the pioneers in death care services in the country, one of which is the e-Burol that has benefited countless families who have not been able to visit a loved one's wake. Today, the changes the way that you get traditional and cremation services from them. Now they made it all available to purchase directly from their website and the ability to compare things. It's something that wasn't available before but these days, it's one of the most convenient things people should have access to especially in pre-need death care and memorial services. They are also offering some of it with a 10% discount if you purchase them via spot cash. It's something to consider too if you want to plan ahead, it's also easy to navigate and gives you options to make sure services provided are what you want, what you need today.


SVP and COO Jonathan Vitangcol says "The St. Peter eStore is a place where you can see your options, check your billing and purchasing plans. You just need to register, check products on the Our Products plan and see under Traditional Plans some pre-need plans you can choose. What you buy now, it's the same thing you'll get in the future. It's also available in easy installment plans. Choose your plan by clicking on Buy Now, you'lll see benefits and features, then add to cart, then check out. That's where you can also put your details, your beneficiaries, health declarations and referal codes if a St. Peter agent has referred you. Confirm and pay for it with different payment options we have on the site. Now we're making it hassle free for all our customers. You can also see numbers, email addresses all in one place. We make sure we treat them like family. St. Peter group lives to serve our clients with integrity, and compassion."

All you need to do is register and get one today on the main St Peter website by logging on via It's easy, convenient, and accessible via desktop and mobile. Go plan ahead!


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