Safe to Use Daily: EYE MO Daily Care Formula

Friday, November 05, 2021

EYE MO has been a household brand in the country. It's been used by generations of people over the years. This is available in different countries, and very effective.These days, we know that if you touch an infected surface and rub your own eyes, it can lead to infection. Now they're introducing something that can be used on a daily basis, to clean up dust, pollutants, things we can't see but irritates our eyes. It's important to protect it. But one asks, how do we take care of it?

Don't Smoke

It can form cataracts, also promotes macular degeneration

Practice Safe Hygeine and Social Distancing

Avoid close contact with people

Keep Your Surrounding clean and wear proper eye protection

 Wear masks and face shields to be safe, also if government advises you to



Covid can be contacted through the eyes. Avoid rubbing it. Use eyewash that cleans your eyes from foreign particles. Wash your hands, put the dropper on top of your eyes and look up, do one or two drops and wipe the excess. This is done if discomfort is happening. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist. -Dr. Maika Maglapu

Wei Hendarto says "EYE MO has a campaign to educate Filipinos and introduce Eye Mo Daily Care. We have to remember, hygiene is a big deal for Filipinos. In the Philippines, 7 out of 10 wash hands several times daily and 8 out of 10 wash their face everyday. They often also shampoo hair daily, but what about the eyes?"

Eyes are the most important sensory organ. Practicing daily hygiene of the eyes is important. But the habit of doing that is not much known in the country. Covid-19 can be spread through nose, mouth, including our eyes. Eye Mo is announcing their newest product called Eye Mo Daily Care. They've been doing effective educational campaigns since 2017. Eye Mo Daily Care Formula will cleanse eyes and relieve itchiness. Instead of rubbing it, use this variant. Now there are three variants. It soothes the eyes and can be used daily. The importance of taking care of eyes should be taught to the public and they will address it with digital campaigns and press campaigns so more people know about it. They will also be doing CSR campaigns, TV commercials and will launch a brand ambassador for it. I heard it's GMA's Ken Chan.

Ken Chan says "I've always worked hard for my dreams. I care for others, but I also have to care for myself. If you have a healthy body, you can help others. We clean up everything, but not our eyes. It's time to make that happen. With Eye Mo Daily care, I'm happy for being their first brand ambassador. I hope I can encourage a lot of people to take care of their eyes daily."

"It's a dream come true. My whole family has been using this for years now. When I heard the news, I felt so touched and blessed, I am thankful! Working alone makes me exposed with pollution, we also use our eyes a lot. We also have less sleep and it's important to take care of it on a daily basis. The brand has been doing it for a long time and personal hygiene is something that is important even these days during the pandemic. We shouldn't forget the eyes, it is equally important. Sometimes we want to wash it with water, but it's not enough. I carry it even in my tapings, I make sure to make our eyes be clean. I'm excited to share what EYE MO can do. Keep safe and stay healthy!"

That's nice to know, now that something can be used safe daily, I'd like to use it myself. I can't wait to get my hands on EYE MO!


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