ANDREA BRILLANTES for Beautéderm's REIKO and KENZEN Health Boosters

Friday, November 26, 2021

She's one of the hottest teen stars in ABSCBN and suffice to say, she's done remarkable job in roles she's gotten over the years. Her passion and will to work hard is unquestionable, and a lot of teens and those of her age are very driven, goal oriented and study hard. They too deserve to take charge of their health, and powerful brand Beautéderm has gotten Andrea to be the face of their essential supplement line called REIKO and KENZEN Beautéderm Health Boosters. By the looks of it, she's perfect for the role.

For starters, it's good for her. It's all natural health supplements that are tried, tested and FDA approved. The KENZEN Bacopa Monniera + Centella Asiatica is a Memory Booster. It's got what they call MeMax. It's a formula that contains Phosphatidylserine, Bacopa Monniera, Centella Asiatica, and Lutein as well as Silicone Dioxide Starch, Stearic Acid and Calcium that's deemed to boost brain function, enhance memory and lessen memory loss. They also got the KENZEN BioDopa + Rosemary which is an Energy Booster. It's got VivaGen made of a mixture of Mucuna Pruriens extracts, Rosemary and Maca, and Guarana that lessens stress. The KENZEN Vitamin C + Zinc on the other hand is an Immunity Booster. It's got Z Plus which is a mix of Vitamin C from ascorbic acid and Zinc that aids in cell repair. 

They also have REIKO Valeriana Officinalis + L-theanine which is a formidable Sleep Enhancer made of SomNest which mixes Valeriana Officinalis extracts, 98% L-theanine and GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) that aids to treat insomnia (perfect for those who couldn't sleep!). They also have the REIKO Vitamin D +Grape Seed which does Sun Protection because of PrestoSol,  all made of Vitamin D, Grape Seed extracts, Amla extracts, and Rosemary extracts. For those who would want to lose a bit of weight, they also have REIKO Coffee Bean + Salacia which is a Diet Enhancer that contains Slimaxine. It's a mixture of Coffee Bean, Salacia and Ginger extracts. You can also opt for their REIKO Andrographis + Ginger which is their Digestion Enchacer. It contains Fitox which is a mix of Andrographis and Ginger Plus Curcumin which suppresses sugar. These supplements can all help you start a healthy lifestyle (with proper diet) and Andrea actually likes it. I'd be the first one to try the sleep enhancer too because I've struggled much in recent months. Andrea wants that too as she's been a little swamped with schedules and needs lots of sleep.

Miss Rhea Tan and Andrea Brillantes

Andrea just signed with Beautéderm yesterday amidst leading press institutions and corporate executives. This was also the first time I've seen their CEO Ms. Rhea Tan in person, and I felt how she genuinely approached each one of us in the audience. I'll be adding a vlog to this article soon so please make sure you come back for updates. I was surprised because even if she's in that stature, she took time, to also introduce each one of the products and exchanged pleasantries even if she didn't have to. Andrea says "I've got a lot of friends who I've seen are endorsers of Beautéderm and I feel that it's like a dream come true for me being a part of this family. To represent the REIKO and KENZEN brand under Beautéderm Health Boosters, I'd show people that you can take charge of your health and get the extra protection you need every day!"

Miss Rhea Tan and Blythe at the event (protocols have been followed in the event)

Miss Rhea Tan adds "We've been working hard on this for over a year and this just came at an opportune time, coinciding with my birthday and the 12th Anniversary of our company. The pandemic made us realize that we should be thankful about the blessings we receive each day. Our health should also be a priority and this is where REIKO and KENZEN Beautéderm Health Boosters can help. I am so happy that Andrea knows we should all maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. With the hard work we've put in on this, we hope a lot of people would benefit from these products. Finally, here it is!"

Congratulations to the men and women behind Beautéderm and Andrea. I'd like to take this bit to thank Miss Rhea Tan and say, you've got a gem in your hands... congratulations!


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