Authentic Japanese Sandwiches at 7-Eleven

Sunday, November 07, 2021

I thought I've seen it all, but no. See, looks like 7-Eleven stores are now offering Japanese Sandwiches with their 7-Fresh Fuwa Fuwa line and I'm excited to visit the store near my place. They say it's authentic.

This is now available in Luzon branches (understandable because they wanna serve it fresh). Take for starters the Tamago Sando that costs Php 65, it's very popular in Japan conbini stores (convenience stores) and I've seen people get obsessed about it. This in the shelf? I'm pretty sure it'll be out of stock soon. This one in the country use Fuwa Fuwa brand of Japanese milk-egg bread slices that makes sure every piece is fresh, high in protein and selenium, with 0% trans fat so you won't be getting fat with that.

They also have the Chicken Katsu Sando (Japanese style Chicken Cutlet sandwich) which can be good for snack or lunch, then paired with 7-Eleven's City Cafe Coffee. It's only Php 75. These authentic Japanese Sandwiches are made by 7-Eleven and partner Nippon Premium Bakery Inc. (makers of Fuwa Fuwa) and it'll be available in select 7-Eleven stores today! If you want to know more, go to today! 


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