ALDEN RICHARDS Set to do Docu Concert Called ForwARd: Meet Richard Faulkerson Jr.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

It's been a while since we've talked to Alden Richards and yeah, we kinda miss this boy. I've had the chance to interview him quite a lot before the pandemic hit and this was a really opportune time to touch base on why he's doing a concert this January 2022 called ForwARd: Meet Richard Faulkerson Jr..

He says "I'm very private, this concert will be a venue to give out a huge portion of me and why I am starting AR Foundation. They will know about it, it's a documentary concert, and people will find the reason, of what I experienced during my childhood. You will get to see that Alden Richards and Richard Faulkerson Jr. are one and the same person."

For those who don't know, Alden has been helping quite a number of scholars through friends because he didn't quite want to be seen doing the deed. Recently, he learned through them that he was already able to have 2 of them graduate, one finished Electrical Engineering, the other with a BS Information Technology course. Alden wants to actually help more have access to education hence why he's put up AR Foundation. With it, he's going to address more issues and give a chance for those who have not been able to enroll in school, to change not just their lives, but their family too. Alden also talked about why he's not in a hurry for love and relationships, which he says can always be there, and can happen anytime he wanted to. He finds doing these "purpose" filled concert more fulfilling because he was able to help a lot of people.

Alden also addressed why he chooses to be kind even if he has his share of detractors. Here's our interview with him a few days ago. Enjoy! 

Make sure you're updated and follow us on YouTube, FB and Twitter, we'll let out a few more details when this concert will happen on January. And it's for a good cause, why not right?


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