New Player Radius Telecoms Unleashes RED Fiber for Business

Monday, November 29, 2021

The need for connection has never been proven especially during this pandemic. When offices and establishments closed, every store and business went the online route to get necessities and work done to and from home. MSME's now are back and maintaining that online channel means you have to maintain and sustain that line so your business could flourish. Though some ISP's try to make it better, it's still not enough because downtime still happens and we need something fast, dependable and secure especially for businesses in the country. This is where Radius Telecoms Inc. (RADIUS) is offering RED Fiber Business.

It's powered by their end to end fiber optic network that's also maintained and backed by 24/7 customer support and RED Firewall Bundle with Fortinet Security Box that protects you from malicious attacks that can disable your business too. Currently, RED Fiber has 90% reliability on service. Imagine the things you can do with uninterrtupted internet connection that's this fast, designed for businesses you do. They have plans with different speeds and different price points that also have Microsoft 365, add ons, Static IP and a domain. They also have Nokia Beacon 1.1 Wifi Mesh free with the 100Mbps plant til the end of this year.

RED Fiber is available in Metro Manila and several nearby cities and provinces. You may email them via if you're interested about getting them for your business.


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