Huawei Philippines Participates in CEPSI 2021: Pushing Greener Solutions in Power Production and Management

Friday, November 05, 2021

Tech giant Huawei Philippines just recently announced their participation in CEPSI 2021 which is the Conference of the Electricity Power Supply Industry which happened yesterday. It aims to bring action in sustainable power production in the region and encourages social inclusiveness for their efforts. In the event, Huawei Philippines VP and CMO of Huawei Digital Power Dr. Fang Luangzhou shared information about how the company is moving for low carbon and smart societ using digital ways.

Over 44 countries have already joined the global mission of being carbon neutral. They believe this is what's going to happen in the coming decades which includes those who produce power, consume and even industries that would want to upgrade their hardware. It's going to be beneficial not just for the entities, but the world if we get involved in their mission of being carbon neutral. They identified it to come from Electricity production, manufacturing and transportation. Getting transportation to use electric power and produced it in low carbon emitting ways would be good for the earth. It will also lessen costs in the long run which will benefit more industries who depend on these old power producing systems. They suggest off grid solutions like those who utilize sun or wind to make them. They also have green ways to manage them, it will make their research (10 years and over 90 Billion spent for it) even better as it will be utilized by the greater public. Huawei looks forward to have a greener future.

We can't wait to see what's going to happen in the next few years!


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