Convergence in Policies and Health with the MY AIA Platform

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

AIA just recently held a digitalization media round table to discuss more of their efforts in bringing solutions to provide relevant ones to customers. In it, they launched the new My AIA platform which can be accessed via app and their website. Total Health Solutions will be your partner in your wellness journey. It galvanizes everything so you have access to data, transactions in policies, it's everything together. All in, always.

Leo Tan their Chief Marketing Officer for AIA Philippines says "We are in better position as far as global solutions is concerned in the technology space. We introduced our coffee closing process, and we're introducing our progress in digital and analytics. We are serious in our digital transformation, we're a step ahead in our evolving needs. The My AIA platform. It's a game changer for us in helping Filipinos live healthier, longer lives."

Noel Mendoza the Chief Technology Officer for AIA Philippines says "My mobile phone was a real life saver during the pandemic. Multiple sites, people, it was hard to do that when everything was digital. We bring all services together, we want to do it at scale so you don't have to. We make full leverage of our full data platform. You our customers take the wheel, get services based on your wants and needs. Everything will be on the cloud, we will be a digital insurer, customers at the center, use data and have people and structure that enable us to serve you further."

AIA Philippines Chief Operation Officer Gigi Lopez says "BPI AIA developed several digital platforms, we use technology to better serve our customers. We are ready for life's un-expectancy, when the untoward thing happens. Despite our plans, we need medical attention, this is where our total health solution comes in. We designed My AIA PH to give our customers what they need, one place to access all our services together. Accesible in our pocket, in a laptop, to access healthcare, protection, wellness, you need to go to one place for it. Policy servicing, health and wellness, and more features coming soon! We mean it when we put our customers in our heart to make sure you live healthier lives."

My AIA app can be installed together with the Vitality app. In the future, they'll be putting it in one ecosystem so you have access to tele-consultation, medicine delivery, lab requests, symptoms checker, covid testing, breast cancer screening too. You can add a shortcut on your mobile because the site is responsive, no need to update it. My AIA can get you the most about your policies, you can access it from any device wherever you want. 
It's personalized for Filipinos to live healthier, better lives.


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