Huawei Launches Seeds For The Future 2021 in the Philippines

Thursday, November 18, 2021

The good people over at Huawei Philippines has just launched their Seeds for the Future program this 2021 in the Philippines. This was witnessed today by over 100 students, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs Teodoro Locsin, the CHED Chairman, the Chancellor of the University of the Philippines and representatives from over 20 colleges and universities in the country. The Secretary of Foreign Affairs lauded Huawei for launching their CSR program for the benefit of ICT talents in the region that they have been helping since 2008. Currently, Huawei Seeds for the Future has benefited over 9,000 individuals across the globe as we prepare for a more digital way of doing business and cultivating ICT expertise where over 100 students have already benefited from in the country alone. This is Huawei’s initiative to make sure that knowledge, skills and capabilities are of the same level with the other countries in the subjects of 5G, AI and Cloud Computing. Huawei’s Jay Chen marks that this is the start of what Huawei will dedicate for the region as they will be allocating 50 million dollars just for this purpose. They will be undergoing an 8 day training this year. The Philippines is certainly going to be part of that growth and I hope that those who will be chosen would be able to teach other talented Filipinos too because we’ve got good scientists and engineers this side of the world!


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