Christmas Inspired Blizzard Treats from Dairy Queen!

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The holidays are already here and honestly, it's still hot outside yeah? Well nights are going to be longer, and with the endless parties and meals you're going to finish, there ought to be room for dessert! I've always gone to Dairy Queen when I was still doing a blue collar job, but nowadays, there ain't no rhyme or reason not to have it anytime of the day!

Cool thing is, they've got new Christmas inspired Blizzards now available in their stores.  Previously they had a festival for a chocolate malt brand, but this time, they're banking on your sweet tooth and what you would normally expect in holidays.

What you deserve these holidays is premium blizzard creations, three heavenly flavors that I love in its real form - but they made it into these lovely treats. First is the Royal New York Cheesecake, lovely soft serve ice cream mixed with chunks of cheese cake squares then topped with sweet strawberries on top. It's like a dream come true, something that you would find comfort having it all by yourself.

The one in the middle is for chocolate lovers, it's called the Royal Ultimate Choco Brownie Blizzard Treat. It's got chunks of chewy brownies, chocolate pieces and chocolate fudge all over. It's got a lot of texture in one cup so I suggest you get the larger size if you're ordering some. Third ones a classic, it's called the Royal Oreo Blizzard Treat. It's got crumbled Oreo cookies and lots of swirls of fudge enveloped in the soft serve ice cream. It was heavenly and I think you'll love them especially these days when you've got family and friends with you.

Now these Christmas inspired Blizzard treats are not priced outrageously, only Php 109 for the regular, Php 129 for the medium size and Php 159 for the large one. This is only availbale til January 10th, so there's no opportune time to have it but now! Make sure you drop by Dairy Queen branches nationwide, or order via 8911-11-11 or their website You can also get them on delivery apps, don't let me stop you from getting it!


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