PayMaya is Too Good to be #2

Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Well yeah, I am kinda also in a rut when they said that PayMaya is number 2 for the Financial apps in the country. I've been using this service since they started, and til now, I've been able to conveniently pay for all my bills via the PayMaya app.

PayMaya also has almost no downtime, which is super convenient especially for me who do transactions in the wee hours of the morning. They also have a lot of cash in channels aside from online banking so I can just walk to a store and load up when I need it. Most of it is free too so there's no additional fees (most of the time). They also have the capacity to transfer money to other accounts, send it to family or friends, even causes you believe in like during this pandemic. PayMaya also has the ability to pay for your bills, government agencies, or various shopping apps that you also go to when there's a sale. You can also monitor your transactions because as soon as it goes through it reflects it on the app. Registering is a cinch and you can get your account verified if you need more features unlocked. They also value security, something I put a lot of importance to, so thanks PayMaya!

Go download the app now on Google Play or the App Store. Go to if you need more info!


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