MIKEE QUINTOS Looks Forward To Work Again with Kelvin Miranda

Friday, December 10, 2021

Mikee Quintos just signed again with GMA Artist Center. With her powerful singing, acting prowess, she's made a lot of shows very interesting with her characters. What struck me most was the last one in The Lost Recipe because that one had so good story, editing, drone shots, the works! We also asked Mikee about her experience going into GMA grounds when she started, it was nice to reminisce about that. Then she also mentioned how she would want to work again with Kelvin Miranda, because honestly, they look good on screen.

Mikee says "When I first stepped in GMA, I felt right at home. Even if the building was intimidating, I didn't feel that at all. I want to work with Bea Alonzo, I feel I won't work with her, I'll just ride along because I have seen her work and I am fan girling. The experience here is self explanatory, I have my share of doubts because of bashers, but you know yourself more, that's important, do what you have to do. Don't carry the hate, that's heavy, just do what you can because that won't put food on the table. The biggest lessons I learned is to stay humble, that's what is important. My acting mentors have taught me a lot, when I'm on set, I speak the truth, wether comedy, drama, romcom, as long as you are true it will resonate. I would never forget their guidance. Kelvin and I have worked after the lost recipe, we talk about it, we hope we could do more because we just wish it happens. We pray for that, maybe if ever I'd try something simple, a romcom, a simple person with simple dreams, or maybe childhood friends who end up together, hopefully soon. It's so nice to feel how we went on the signing the first time, when I told them about it, they felt how I did feel that time. They know I trust them, it came with emotions of 6 years. I think I have grown a lot over the years, and I am so thankful for GMA for that."

Mikee is also in Pepito Manaloto, make sure you catch her there and every week on AOS. Congratulations dear! You're definitely going places!


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