Thursday, November 30, 2017

Had lunch with good people a couple of days ago, took an UBER to get there that afternoon. Didn't have any hitches because it's fairly easy to get an UBER X in my town to BGC. Lunch was good, the Manila Burger hit the spot. After this, I needed to go to GMA because of another event so I ran about BGC like crazy. My friends and I had to take photos of our outfits.

Armed with the long shirt from the new Oxygen David Bowie collection, Hair by Bing Dio Salon, Bench Skinny Jeans, Mossimo Jacket and my adorable White Chucks from Converse, I think I look cute! 

When it was time to leave, my friends had to go to the archery range at Makati Cinema Square and I had to go to GMA but we wanted to save a buck or two and UBER was the convenient way to go. Now I remember about a month ago my UBER app suddenly had an update on it's interface, adding a + sign on the destination prompt. I used this feature to drop off my neighbor to his destination without the need to tell my UBER driver for a favor. It was an opportune time to use it.

Rodel, Ruth and Rod had to go to Kodanda in Makati while I needed to go to Quezon City. They also had to pick up tickets at the Mind Museum so now it's easy. Using UBER's MULTIPLE STOP Feature, I can just input The Mind Museum first, click the + sign and choose Makati Cinema Square for the second stop, then click the + sign again for GMA Network Center.

As you may have seen on the prompt you would need to make these stops to a maximum of three minutes so you won't be bothering your friends and the good UBER driver waiting too long. It's good etiquette if you follow that rule. :)

So now you only need to book one trip for your whole gang and save a lot for using MULTIPLE STOPS. You also help the environment because this exactly is like a car pool. Remember to also plot strategically so you won't be going around in circles. The nearest stops should be prioritized, so you and your friends have more time to get CLINGY if you are all bound to go home. 

And judging from the way their photos looked, they had fun during their archery games at Makati Cinema Square's Kodanda. Next time, I'll be joining them there.

UBER is definitely improving the app and it's efficiency to get to your destination fast, affordable and efficiently. I would be using this more now from hereon.

Would this be a convenient choice for you too? 

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The Next Gen Accessory Store BASEUS

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Where do you get your phone accessories these days? I'm like a hodge podge of different things so I get them from cheap online stores and I end up destroying them after a few days LOL which means I do spend a lot because I don't get the ones that are of premium quality. It's why I adore places like Digital Walker because I love everything that's there. Lo and behold, they've got BASEUS now, a worldwide known brand that will be in separate stores. This will still be under the Digital Walker group of CEO and head honcho Charlie Paw.

Baseus is a tech accessory brand from Shenzen and is available in 8 different countries including Korea, UAE, Australia and now the Philippines. This is officially their first flagship store. Their product designs are heavily awarded by IF Design Awards and is known for their car chargers, multifunction cables, car mounts, flash drives, wireless chargers, power banks, phone cases and a whole lot more.

They will also be giving huge discounts to their very own Baseus Backpack Power Bank Case (7300 mAh) and will give it for 990 pesos instead of 1,790 which is it's original price. Go visit the Baseus store in Trinoma today! It's now open! You may also get details about it at Facebook.com/OfficialBaseusPH so go!

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A Homey Partnership of Nutriasia, Avida and Amaia

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

What makes a house a home? I've asked myself that question a couple of times already and might have the answer for it but let me tell you how three big corporations decided to forge a partnership so their communities would get to that state. You see Nutriasia, Amaia and Avida knew how important it is to live in a community harmoniously and what better way to do that but by doing a Grand Neighbor Day last October 28, 2017 at their different communities across the country. Nutriasia held their Datu Puti #PerfectAdobo challenge in these events not to pit these lovely people and outdo each other but to promote camaraderie and the sense of family in each meal.

I'm sure each of them must have had their perfect version of Adobo and for sure they've been able to use these products quite regularly. Nutriasia is also celebrating their 25th year and making these houses become homes is but a shared vision between them, Avida and Amaia. 

Ms. Dang de Leon the Corporate Marketing Consultant for NutriAsia says "The partnership between the Philippines premier condiment producer and the leading property developer you might say may be unlikely. But NutriAsia, Avida, and Amaia both aspire to make Filipino families happy and content through its quality products. Aside from that, NutriAsia has been helping to provide authentic Filipino meals at the dining table. This gives immeasurable happiness to the Filipino families we serve including the ones in the community of Avida and Amaia. Let us all celebrate the love for family." 

Ms. Tess Tatco the Head of Corporate Marketing for Avida Land agrees and says "The partnership with NutriAsia encourage our shared interests. We know NutriAsia can help us build better communities.”

Select new home owners fromAmaia and Avida Land will also be receiving Home Cooking Starter Kits. This is part of their partnership with Nutriasia who manufactures iconic Filipino food brands such as Datu Puti, Silver Swan, UFC, Papa, Jufran, Mafran, Golden Fiesta and Mang Tomas. 

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Julie Anne San Jose Joins Vivo V7 Launch

She's gorgeous, VERY talented and is Benjamin Alves' kryptonite, she's the wonderful Julie Anne San Jose. In a grand reveal at SM Annex this evening, they finally launched her as a celebrity endorser for the latest Vivo handset the V7.

We were all treated to acoustic music by these two guys from the Vivo community, Joacqui Madamba and Vino Robles. They're quite good, perfect for millenials. Just like this phone :) 

For those who don't know yet, the Vivo V7 has a 24 MP front camera for a clearer selfie, 16MP Back Camera, a 5.7inch all screen display, Face ID access, Funtouch OS 3.2, 4GB RAM, 32 GB ROM, Qualcomm Octa Core processor and it's own game mode. It also retails for only Php 14,990 which is quite competitive in smartphones in this category.

Hazel Bascon of Vivo Philippines says "Today we are here to introduce to you the Vivo V7, this is one of the most affordable in it's class. We are commited to bring you the best gadgets and entertainment today. We have Julie Anne San Jose for you!"

My friends from OneUp also performed a couple of songs. Girls were screaming at my back LOL. I was deaf after they performed haha!

She showed us why she's one of the most coveted singers today, she was not afraid to even approach the fans and go down to perform. I love how she sings, very L.A. 

Congratulations Vivo Philippines for the launch of the Vivo V7 smartphone. We're just at awe, so excited if this gets out in plans and mobile phone stores nationwide! Again, it's only Php14,990.

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The Coolness of McJim’s Classic Leather Bags

I've been dreading to talk about this for a long time because I think this should be a staple, and shouldn't be shunned by Filipino men. Part of McJim's latest campaign which was shot entirely in Montreal, Canada are these classic leather bags. In these days they are fondly called Man Bags, because of obvious reasons but how many guys really carry one? Sadly, not a lot, but what they don't see is the potential of this accessory to actually be a staple rather than the crippling knapsacks that don't fit special occassions where men want to look fresh and stylish. 

These fine bags from McJim are special, handcrafted pieces that would make you, the modern Filipino man more confident, upscale, and very stylish without really compromising function because these bags actually can house your gadgets too. From your office files, your cameras, phones and tablets, they wouldn't be out of place in these bags because they're really made for that function. The sturdiness of leather and the craftmanship that went into this would make sure you have ample amount of support if you have these inside. There's no doubt about that. 

You can also have these pieces in casual events, formal ones, even the office and it wouldn't actually feel out of place because McJim made sure the deisgns would actually fit your lifestyle even if you are relaxed, presenting at work, or doing romantic stuff with your loved one. It's also got simple lines, matches your outfit and is available in different colors. I guess it's about time to go to McJim branches nationwide and get these ones as soon as the mall opens.

I'm using one right now and as long as you take care of the leather and use it often, you won't have problems at all. It's manly, smells good, looks good at any angle too. Visit their Facebook page today to know more about it.

That easy.

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Estancia Mall's Vast Imaginarium

What you're looking at right now is real. These are found at Estancia Mall grounds in Capitol Commons. Now if you are looking for a place to hangout with family and friends, and take tons of selfies, you should visit these light installations this seasonat Estancia Mall. This place is at Meralco Avenue in Pasig City and is almost at the end of the road right before Shaw Boulevard. It's owned by Ortigas & Co. and according to their VP Renee Bacani, they want this place to be enjoyed by friends and families, especially children. It's one of the reasons why they have come up with bright new concepts this Christmas, truly it is.

The first one is wrapped like a gift box outside the mall, specifically at the Capitol Commons Park. Now I know this thing looks like those of the work of Yayoi Kusama, albeit high end I'm sure this will be enjoyed by the whole family, but these are more like nice locations for selfies if you're looking for one.

This one is on the ground floor. There will be attendants in every room so it still stays organized. But please be wary of others, try to keep your session of taking photos limited to three minutes so the others could also enjoy the place :) this is the Green Room.

If you go to the basement floor where the restaurants are, the Abyss Room is located there. I actually like this a lot because of the lines and how they did the lighting here.

Just use the escalators and find it right beside the arcade that looks like an unfinished space. This is the Lit Room. I like how it dances, perfect for an instagram shot or a quick Boomerang. The possibilities are endless! While you are there, you can also enjoy shopping because the best local and international brands are there too! Not only that, you could win tons of prizes just by taking photos in these displays by using the hashtags #OrtigasMallsChristmas #EstanciaVastImaginarium and tagging @EstanciaPH on Instagram. 

For other things than that, they've got Christmas Mercato on November 16 to January 7, Pre Holiday sale on December 2 and 3, National Open Fencing Cup on December 10 and tons of other things lined up for the holidays. Just check out Estancia's Facebook page because it's all there! 

Now who's excited!?

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AQUAFINA Launch with Pia Wurtzbach

If you normally see this in shelves of convenience stores, gas stations and groceries in the US, South American or European countries, then you're lucky. We don't have this in the Philippines yet so when their launch happened a few days ago, I knew it was going to be big. 

Yes ladies and gentlemen, AQUAFINA, the world's best selling water brand is now in the Philippines.

Ms. Melai Javier of PepsiCo says "We know you want quality and credibility even with bottled water. Now it's time Filipinos experience pure water from Aquafina. Each person is best at what they do, Aquafina prides itself to be the best selling water brand in the world and in a way, we want to inspire you to become your best self! We also know we need to be represented by not just the best in the world, but by the universe so we got Ms. Pia Wurtzbach as our endorser."

Pia knows how to stand out, to persevere and become the universe's best. She also had us in small interviews, I think I did absolutely awesome in the video they showed that evening. I cringed but when they applauded it felt like a certain boost to my ego, I wasn't even thinking about what I was saying that time but it felt good. Haha!

Now you can get these bottles in supermarkets nationwide. Get them for Php10-Php24 SRP. Go to Facebook.com/aquafinaph for more information. 

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OXYGEN Releases Rolling Stones, RUN DMC and Bowie Collection

Saturday, November 25, 2017

I'm sure you have one or more Oxygen pieces in your closets right now. Well, the well known streetwear brand has just released their most stylish collection involving great music icons Rolling Stones, Run DMC and David Bowie. These are official licensed merchandise which they featured in a grand way at the SM Mega Fashion Hall today. 

Mind you they've got 12 styles per artist, which means there's a lot of variety with the tees, pullovers, hoodies and jackets. Prices range from Php 499 to Php 1299 so nothing's gonna break the bank. Aside from little old minor blogger like me, some models, celebrities and other VIP's got treated to early shopping privileges right at the mall's activity center (center of SM Mega Fashion Hall), beside the huge Christmas Tree. 

Oh by the way if you're in the area please make sure you drop by the pop up store because Donny Pangilinan, Kiana Valenciano and Mauri Loosli will perform in front of audiences at 5 PM and tomorrow a meet and greet. By then, it's open to the public! 

For more information about the clothes, like and follow their social media channels Facebook.com/oxygenclothing, Twitter.com/oxygenclothing and Instagram.com/oxygenclothing. These are available in the Philippines and Vietnam so go get them now!

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