Outstanding Laundry Technologies: Lagoon Advanced Care Systems

Friday, November 24, 2017

Fast, easy and green... that's the vision. With the release of the Electrolux line 5000, Electrolux Professional is pushing for technologies for equipment that is delicate on fabrics, gentle on the environment and something that would change the business. This Lagoon Adavnced Care is ergonomic, sustainable and that treats clothes well. This is a wet solution, but doesn't use harsh chemicals so even if you use less water, you don't compromise the efficiency and quality of cleaning clothes. This is an alternative to dry cleaning.

Dave Arboleda says "We are a stones throw away from Araneta Coliseum, you see how they use gowns and suits so you know how hard it is to take care for them. We usually have them dry cleaned right? But that is a little dangerous because of the solvents that are used, so we have developed a wet cleaning system that has been approved by Woolmark, a standard recognized worldwide.  Perchloroethylene is not good for the environment and is toxic, the substance also needs proper disposal as it is hazardous. It also causes cancer, can make white fabrics gray which isn't a lovely picture to paint. Perc is now restricted abroad and will be banned in the next few years. Solven based washing is not a good thing if you use these chemicals, it's not as fresh, not as clean, not eco friendly and not healthy (harmful to operator and owner of the clothes). Hotels and Laundry shops have these dry cleaning machines and some even have used wash basins at times without knowing the dangers of it. The best alternative? Here's the Lagoon Advanced Care systems."

Lagoon Advanced Care systems are not complicated, it's fast, effective and can be done in one hour. Customers now come back for it because it's a game changer. 

Ko Jon Hok explains "This is a water based solution, I'm wearing a suit right now and it's common in so many countries. Jackets have different types of fabric just like your local barong. From receiving the garment, to spotting, washing, drying and pressing, it takes about an hour to finish everything.

The Lagoon advanced care machines have different capacities. Woolmark developed this system with us and got us certified also with other fabrics. The system has efficient dosing which means it adjusts the amount of solvents/detergent depending on the load. It's very easy to mount, (he then puts his wool and polyester in the machine) it uses the existing water in the drum and it uses very small amount. The foam cleans it all and cushions the garment. In a way it mimics hand washing, but this is consistent and very gentle. The dryer on the other hand detects the moisture of the clothes (through a sensor, he showed us using a hand and it detected that her hand had 8% moisture) so you efficiently use energy or heat on the garment. If you see the before and after photos, it has some wrinkled after washing, but after drying it gets straightened out and almost needs no ironing (because of the conditioner they use). From coats, to dresses, to wedding gowns, now you can do it in a machine instead of just hand washing these expensive gowns. Even with beads, embroidery, stones, mixed clothes, fleece, velvet, silk and a whole lot more, it would look almost new after going through the Lagoon Advanced Care system. The Electrolux machines with the custom programs, the detergents and conditioner (so it's easier to iron and protects it with coating) pumps, and will only work with the detergent and conditioner that is tested eith it and can be installed fast. Hotels have used it already, we have pioneers who have used this system and it is available all over the world.

For those who want to know more about the system, you may contact ELS Philippines Inc. who is the laundry solution provider and distributor in the Philippines. They are located at M5 Goldland Tower at 10 Eisenhower Street Greenhills San Juan City. You can also visit their website at https://elsphilippines.com/

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