No More GIFT Guessing Games with Things I Like App

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Have you ever had that situation when you're going to a friend's party but didn't know what to give them for a gift? Either they're too rich to actually be given one or in many cases, you just don't have a clue. Well that's about to change now that the Things I Like App is here! 

It's from a tech company based in Hong Kong and this is to solve that problem. This is also a way to give back to friends, loved ones, to interact with celebrities that you love, and it could be the way they could also do the same with you. This would be the perfect platform to also advertise so if you're an entrepreneur or online shop, this would be a good place to put your products in. People can monitor other people's wishlists and get reminders a few days before the actual event, so they never forget it and even prepare advanced greetings with customizeable (change text, photos and frames, make it compiled in a video) e-cards if they need too - plus the service is free of charge.

I registered today and it was so easy.

The app also includes ways to follow people, like celebrities, public figures and you can even give them gifts if you place requests. Details like addresses can be kept confidential so there's no security risks. Think of it as a combination of an app and gift registry we used to do in malls.

You can also keep track of your friends and family's birthdates. You'll be notified of it and you could just look at their profiles for their own wish lists. If you haven't decided yet but you like what you see in other people/celebrity profiles, just repost it and it'll end up in yours.

Best of all, you won't miss a birthday because you can set personal reminders before the actual day starts.

It's already available on the App Store and Google Play. You can buy it online or in the mall, request for their address and send it there. Now gift giving can be more efficient, even more now that you can see what your loved ones would want and need. When people enjoy the app, you get to know their buying habits and you won't have to think what the other person would need if it's already there. It's like an easy gift registry where you instantly know just by looking at their profile. 

For now they are developing the app for more features in the future. Purchases will still be done on actual websites and once you post the link on the app, it'll automatically have a thumbnail and copy the details on the post. Seems like Christmas shopping would be easy using this. 

You may download them today on iOS

If you're on Android, you may download it here:

I already have on on my list too, I hope my friends are taking notes! :)


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