The Coolness of McJim’s Classic Leather Bags

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I've been dreading to talk about this for a long time because I think this should be a staple, and shouldn't be shunned by Filipino men. Part of McJim's latest campaign which was shot entirely in Montreal, Canada are these classic leather bags. In these days they are fondly called Man Bags, because of obvious reasons but how many guys really carry one? Sadly, not a lot, but what they don't see is the potential of this accessory to actually be a staple rather than the crippling knapsacks that don't fit special occassions where men want to look fresh and stylish. 

These fine bags from McJim are special, handcrafted pieces that would make you, the modern Filipino man more confident, upscale, and very stylish without really compromising function because these bags actually can house your gadgets too. From your office files, your cameras, phones and tablets, they wouldn't be out of place in these bags because they're really made for that function. The sturdiness of leather and the craftmanship that went into this would make sure you have ample amount of support if you have these inside. There's no doubt about that. 

You can also have these pieces in casual events, formal ones, even the office and it wouldn't actually feel out of place because McJim made sure the deisgns would actually fit your lifestyle even if you are relaxed, presenting at work, or doing romantic stuff with your loved one. It's also got simple lines, matches your outfit and is available in different colors. I guess it's about time to go to McJim branches nationwide and get these ones as soon as the mall opens.

I'm using one right now and as long as you take care of the leather and use it often, you won't have problems at all. It's manly, smells good, looks good at any angle too. Visit their Facebook page today to know more about it.

That easy.

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