Vivo Forges 4 Billion Dollar Partnership with Qualcomm

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

4 Billion Dollars, now that's already a budget for a country and we're just staring here.

It's BIG news and with good reason that Vivo is partnering with Qualcomm, the leading chip maker and next generation mobile technology provider. I guess this all would stem from them getting the technology from the company first and vice versa, securing and shared technologies from both companies will hasten growth in this field so studies, research and development that have been done in the past few years will be utilized in making further advancements that could serve both their interests.

Vivo also just recently launched the Vivo V7 and the V7+ in the country. They have been able to solidify their ranking among smartphones that have been sold in the Philippines and if my hunch is right, this player ain't playing because when these phones come out, they're probably feared by other companies because they do take a huge chunk off of the market. Why? Simply because they have really good hardware for the price they sell these handsets and for a nation that wants a phone that would be worth their money, Vivo delivers there. Always easy on the pocket.

Vivo now is one of Qualcomm's key partners and this 4 billion U.S dollars memorandum with Qualcomm signed last November 9 will strengthen their technical partnership and bring out patent sharing, something that they deem will benefit both entities to develop more technologies in the smart phone industry. So do expect more developments on mobile photography, gaming, smart power saving and others. They are also developing biometrics technologies and fingerprint scanning solutions plus 3D facial identification, palm prints, fingerprints, iris scanning and others.

Later on, they will delve on 5G connections, human to computer interactions and see how standards can be set. Vivo will also be sharing their consumer's experiences, so expect big things to come.

If you want to know more about this partnership, visit their official website, or like their social media channels, @vivophil on IG and @vivo_phil on Twitter.

That easy.


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