Piolo Pascual Endorses LIVINGWATER on their 13th Year

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

It's been 13 years since they've set up shop and now they've got hundreds of franchisees in the Philippines. I'm sure you've seen one of their branches near you. They are definitely brighter, better and stronger this year helping Filipinos acheive their dreams one water refilling station at a time. This business model has already been lauded because of their low franchise fees and very high demand because the owners knew how much they need to help other people while they are growing their own business. The event was hosted by Tart Carlos and their executives, and they didn't want to end this day without celebrating their 13th year and introducing their newest endorser Piolo Pascual. 

Piolo will be the face of the company from hereon, and also have Sarah Geronimo stay as the one who sang their company jingle. They hope they've got the best people to represent their products, they said they won't settle for anything else. Piolo says "I am touched, I am inspired by their story and I'm glad to be part of a premium product that would be available nationwide. I have set up 4 of these refilling stations in the past but now it's only two, I hope I could grow more of it by joining them, I like their business model. Thank you LIVINGWATER for having me as your endorser!"

Beth and Edward Prades were all smiles and said "It doesn't matter how long this journey is, but what matters is who you are with in this journey. Thank you for being beside us all these years. People thought this indistry is saturated and not lucrative, but now you know it still it is profitable. We concentrated on Product, Placement, Promotion, now we have living water refilling stations that serve better water using our technologies not seen anywhere else. Our phenomenal growth is because of our highest standards, the service, the price is affordable and competitive. To serve each Filipino the healthier, cleaner and safer drinking water is our mission. The country needs more, our population is growing still and demand is there. Livingwater is looking forward to double this number all over the Philippines and also expand it's presence overseas. We hope you all continue to be part of our journey!"

Congratulations LIVINGWATER! You're in good company with Piolo Pascual.

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