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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Where do you get your phone accessories these days? I'm like a hodge podge of different things so I get them from cheap online stores and I end up destroying them after a few days LOL which means I do spend a lot because I don't get the ones that are of premium quality. It's why I adore places like Digital Walker because I love everything that's there. Lo and behold, they've got BASEUS now, a worldwide known brand that will be in separate stores. This will still be under the Digital Walker group of CEO and head honcho Charlie Paw.

Baseus is a tech accessory brand from Shenzen and is available in 8 different countries including Korea, UAE, Australia and now the Philippines. This is officially their first flagship store. Their product designs are heavily awarded by IF Design Awards and is known for their car chargers, multifunction cables, car mounts, flash drives, wireless chargers, power banks, phone cases and a whole lot more.

They will also be giving huge discounts to their very own Baseus Backpack Power Bank Case (7300 mAh) and will give it for 990 pesos instead of 1,790 which is it's original price. Go visit the Baseus store in Trinoma today! It's now open! You may also get details about it at so go!

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