Ginebra Introduces Myrtle Sarrosa as New GSM Calendar Girl 2018

Friday, November 10, 2017

It's that time of the year where popular brand Ginebra San Miguel announces their much awaited Calendar Girl. Last year we were at the edge of our seats with vixen Kim Domingo. Now they're going a bit more millenial with PBB alumni and cosplayer extraordinaire Myrtle Sarrosa. Judging by the looks of it, I think the shots were done by cosplay photographer Jay Tablante. These characters are all original.

We had our first calendar girl in 1988 and some super angels in the 80's. We hope before that announcement, you get to enjoy the Ginebra San Miguel concoctions as we go on with the program. - Noli Macalalag, the GM of Ginebra San Miguel

Ron Jay Molina the Marketing Manager of Ginebra San Miguel says "We are celebrating a lot of things, new things, fresh ones, even the millenials. I want you to discover three things we'll reveal tonight. One is where a calendar is involved, the heavens, and even 7-11. Thank you to our dealers, the marketing team, our friends from media and the internet. Please sit back relax and enjoy a GSM Blue."

Then they unveiled three things:

Let the epic MIX begin!

First up is the Calendar Girl for 2018 and she came down like a ball of fire. 

Then they showed Myrtle Sarrosa's 5 calendar designs.

One is the Iconic Angel costume, the cyber chick for GSM Blue, the Illusionist for Primera Light Brandy, Forest Enchantress for Vino Kulafu, and the Lady Boss to represent it all.

Then for GSM Blue, they are targetting the millenials. This generation is unique, they demand so much more out of life, more adventure, it's about mixing it, to make it fresh, new flavors that would make life a little more exciting. They are launching #MixForMore. Myrtle Sarrosa invites you all to celebrate life because YOLO! These are the new epix mixes GSM BLUE MARGARITA which you just need to chill and serve to your friends, and the second one is the GSM BLUE GIN POMELO, a favorite among Filipinos now made easier. Still, all you need to do is just chill, and serve. That easy.

These three announcements would be something that now millenials will relate to. So now you've got things easy, you have her to see on calendars the whole 2018, you have these drinks available tomorrow November 8 in all 7-11 stores nationwide!

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