The Country's First Christmas Musical Street Light Tunnel at ORTIGASEAST

Saturday, November 11, 2017

This innocent looking street behind Tiendesitas in Pasig City will come alive this Christmas season. See those tubes on top? That's actually there for a reason because Ortigas and Co. is changing their approach to real estate development this side of town.

Nicole Cordovez hosted the launch. This is the first Christmas Musical Street Light Tunnel that you would only see in ORTIGAS EAST, which is the new name of the property formerly known as Frontera Verde.

This marks a number of firsts in Ortigas and Co., they have been inspired by light tunnels and light shows around the world and surely this will be something that Pasig City residents and nearby cities would enjoy when they come inside the property. This is in keeping with the sustainability in line with Pasig City government efforts. They will have this whole development for mixed use. Including a hotel, residential buildings, offices, an even better mall that will complement the existing Tiendesitas. They will also be extending shopping hours, have a food bazaar, the different events this Christmas season. You should definitely go here because it looks so nice!

They also did a few things during the launch. Here's the show to start things off.

Pasig Mayor Bobby Eusebio said "It's my honor to congratulate everyone in Ortigas and Co. to open the first ever animated Christmas Tunnel. Thank you for keeping it in another level, exceeding our expectations and opening your hearts of making Pasig City as a Christmas destination. I wish you all the success! Congratulations and mabuhay!"

The tunnel is powered by 2368+ pixels in 3 different colors. You will be able to see it in all it's glory by taking a walk and driving through it. Now imagine how that would look like at night, it'll be unbelievable. The Christmas Musical Street Tunnel will be up until next year and will start the show every night when the sun comes down, till around 10pm or a little over that when the mall closes.  They actually do it every 30 minutes! Now go shop at the mall and enjoy the show!

Happy Holidays!

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