Thursday, November 30, 2017

Had lunch with good people a couple of days ago, took an UBER to get there that afternoon. Didn't have any hitches because it's fairly easy to get an UBER X in my town to BGC. Lunch was good, the Manila Burger hit the spot. After this, I needed to go to GMA because of another event so I ran about BGC like crazy. My friends and I had to take photos of our outfits.

Armed with the long shirt from the new Oxygen David Bowie collection, Hair by Bing Dio Salon, Bench Skinny Jeans, Mossimo Jacket and my adorable White Chucks from Converse, I think I look cute! 

When it was time to leave, my friends had to go to the archery range at Makati Cinema Square and I had to go to GMA but we wanted to save a buck or two and UBER was the convenient way to go. Now I remember about a month ago my UBER app suddenly had an update on it's interface, adding a + sign on the destination prompt. I used this feature to drop off my neighbor to his destination without the need to tell my UBER driver for a favor. It was an opportune time to use it.

Rodel, Ruth and Rod had to go to Kodanda in Makati while I needed to go to Quezon City. They also had to pick up tickets at the Mind Museum so now it's easy. Using UBER's MULTIPLE STOP Feature, I can just input The Mind Museum first, click the + sign and choose Makati Cinema Square for the second stop, then click the + sign again for GMA Network Center.

As you may have seen on the prompt you would need to make these stops to a maximum of three minutes so you won't be bothering your friends and the good UBER driver waiting too long. It's good etiquette if you follow that rule. :)

So now you only need to book one trip for your whole gang and save a lot for using MULTIPLE STOPS. You also help the environment because this exactly is like a car pool. Remember to also plot strategically so you won't be going around in circles. The nearest stops should be prioritized, so you and your friends have more time to get CLINGY if you are all bound to go home. 

And judging from the way their photos looked, they had fun during their archery games at Makati Cinema Square's Kodanda. Next time, I'll be joining them there.

UBER is definitely improving the app and it's efficiency to get to your destination fast, affordable and efficiently. I would be using this more now from hereon.

Would this be a convenient choice for you too? 

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