Easy Breezy Web Hosting

Friday, October 29, 2010

I've been looking for a way to promote my photography business and one of the best solutions I know is to get a web site for it. I've been putting up structures like this in the past and one of the important choices I have to make is how to find easy breezy web hosting. Setting up a domain is strategy among all other things in business. If I'm going to make this right I have to start with the clear basics. Choosing the right name, domain name and planning the site architecture so if someone gets my services it wouldn't be too hard to contact me. I have to also allot time to put content on it so I would be able to present professional looking output as what I've been doing in the past. My portfolio will speak for itself and I have to get some of the site details to enhance what I already have. With this in the works I'm surely going to open more opportunities for my peers as well. I need to get the hiring process for an assistant done ASAP!

To get a lucrative business going I have to get the best services even if it is just for hosting my web site. It actually spells how it would make or break me in the long run. I have to choose wisely if I plan to use it for transacting business too. The connection also needs to be secure and accommodate the traffic which this site calls for. Maybe institutions like web hosting hub should be taken in consideration since they match the perfect one I require. Are you running a commercial site now? Is your provider doing a good job? Let me know!


Teaser: Philippine Fashion Week 2010: AXE Event

Sorry for the late post guys! I know I've been busy this week and that includes the short visits I made in cemeteries because I'll be out of the country for a few days in November. I wish I could take you all with me and my folks for a little rest and recreation but if I bought you tickets that will be a LOT expensive! Ha-ha!

It's high time I show you some of the photos I took while in Fashion Week. At least I need to update you of what I've been doing this past few days. There are also several events in between so just stay put and enjoy the view. I'll start with the guys first!

AXE the favorite deo cologne for men in the Philippines has put together a couple of designers and shown how a simple spray can be infectious and drag all the women in. To get the girl you gotta be smelling good like these guys here!

See what it does if you spray them on generously?! That's the point! You have to have AXE to get the AXE EFFECT. Are you wondering where the girls are? They went in force!

Here's the army!

They run after guys who wear and have the AXE Effect. Go get those deodorant sticks and deo cologne sprays and get chased by these same women too!

I just got it this afternoon... and I'm going out this evening with it too. Spritz!

Showing more of this set soon! Off to Fashion Week again tomorrow! See yah!


Keeping it up with the Writing Process

Thursday, October 28, 2010

When I attended an event this evening, something made an impact on me. It was such an eye opener to say the least. A gorgeous lady who was one of the organizers of the event approached me and asked if I experienced having a writer's block. She obviously knows that I blog. I thought about it for a few minutes and answered a resounding yes. I do run out of ideas to write about and sometimes I do plainly get tired of putting my thoughts into this medium. It was a chore to do when I was in graduate school. Aside from the numerous reports that I had to draw in Engineering class my professor had to tell me and whip up a story for a couple of books we had to analyze. I was not the greatest guy to do time management because I had a lot of things in mind like the organization I run with my peers. Even if this was something easy for me I still couldn't do my assignments in time because of extracurricular activities. If only I had known of PhDWorks.org at that time, things would have been a lot easier for me.

Their people can easily finish an essay or term paper in as short as 3-12 hours. Quality would not be questionable since experienced UK based writers are going to do it. If I had a choice back then I would gladly have them do my custom writing paper. I can probably have that submitted to my most demanding professors and I don't have to worry about it anymore. Being at par with American or British educational systems this would be a cinch for them. Things like these should be easy to handle on a normal day but if you need help, make sure you go where custom paper writing service is available on line that's made by professionals. So if you want to make your life easier and do other things aside from slaving on your assignments you know where to go to!


Daily Moo's 10272010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I just got back from Philippine Fashion Week Day #2 and it was sweet! I got to talk to a lot of people and what a night it was to get me front row seats in the AXE sponsored fashion show. Their creations were really great. I'm going to let you in on it once my photos are processed. Telling it with just words would bore you. It was nice meeting other prominent bloggers there too! I'd like to say hi to Jayson and Amity! See you on tomorrow's event and thanks for the ride! That's just sweet!

I'm so addicted these days with Chico and Delamar Podcasts. It's because I couldn't get to listen to live ones in the morning since I travel from work to home when it starts. That sucks but I have to do what's second best! I didn't weep with the latest batch of shows where they interviewed RX scholars. Stories were heart wrenching don't get me wrong but it looked like a rerun of Wowowee and I hate that!

I almost saw the bloggers that made Tunaynalalake.com last week. They were right there but I didn't really notice them. It was okay though because I kinda saw them being all rowdy at the Nuffnang event. But I really didn't think it was them... that was such a waste of time to think about now. Hahaha!

I've been trying so hard to win on Jessica Zafra's Litwit challenges but it looks like I'm not going to be close to anything interesting in their books. I have no structure unlike Glenn and Jepoy... teach me perhaps?! Hehehe

Tomorrow will be another fun day as I go to another event, I'm really excited to see more people. Well not that much but can you just feel I'm excited?! Hehehe! I wish I could be with the other bloggers that I already know so it wouldn't be that awkward!

I'm going to post my Fashion Week set on Facebook and probably put some of them here too. I just hope I do justice on some of them. I haven't done that much male models in the past so this one is going to be a lot different! Watch out for that! =)

Oh did I say there were gorgeous women on it too?! Hahah!


Frames for Me

I've been having headaches these days and I got some minor bad news from my doctor. I might need to wear glasses. I'm not really a fan of wearing them since I see how hard it is to maintain. Some of my friends have worn them since they were kids and it looked like it was a little troublesome; let alone not fashion inclined... and to tell you honestly I'm afraid to be in the same situation. I did despise wearing them until I found an on line store that gave me choices beyond my imagination. They have designer grade prescription glasses that are very affordable so who could argue with that?! I must admit I was afraid they would all be very pricey because most malls carry them around hundreds of dollars. The on line store initially had their frames around 8 but these guys are so generous they even have more on the $6.50 range. Who can resist that?! They also have virtual try-on frames so you can take a look at what looks good on you. You can just get a portrait of yourself literally uploaded and fit with your favorite frames. That's just not available elsewhere! Amazing!

So if you guys have that notion or think that it's not cool wearing glasses these days; just remember that you may not have found the perfect pair yet. It takes time... or maybe it just takes a simple place on the net like ZENNI to get you one that you would love. You won't regret these things if you start right in choosing what would look good on you. Am I right?!


Daily Moo's 10262010

I just did something wrong today but I'm not going to tell you guys about it. You might think I'm not as smart as I look heheh.

It's around 20 hours left before I lose a deal on CASHCASH for the Cream Halloween Ball. It's one of the best rave parties in Asia and I really want to shoot there too. They've got the best DJ's from Europe who'll probably be great at Electronica and House which I'm really fond of.

This week will surely be a very busy one for me because as a fashion photographer you can never go without fashion week every year. I never skipped one so I'm surely going to be in the sidelines again. I got one for the Penshoppe and AXE sponsored shows. Hopefully I get to see some people from the industry and get my rollerdecks running. I have 2 major projects in line and I need them for logistics. Thanks for the bloggers that hooked me up *hint hint* heheh!

I'm currently busy right now backing up my photos on DVD. I have around 50 on my archive. I don't want to fill up hard drive space and I'm saving the raw ones now. I specifically also want to backup my workshop with Xander Angeles so I won't be sorry if I have problems with my laptop. It acted up the other day but its okay now. That was just a hint of an upcoming nightmare I guess.

More events will happen soon so if you have read my previous entries, there will be more of that soon!

See yah wouldn't wanna be yah! =)


Artwork That I'd Adore

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I've seen a lot of things this weekend that I couldn't get because I'm saving up for artwork that I plan to put up on our living room. Mom says we need one and who can argue with that. I wouldn't want to stare at a blank wall as a conversation piece and I kind of agree that we need some sort of a focal point. My photography would be out of place there because I mainly do fashion and the room's feel is more of classic and contemporary. If there would be something else I could try John Powell Prints looks good.

The strong reds and purple shade on the garden seem to be the perfect accompaniment to the hardwood furniture we already have in state. The darker shade would definitely give this difficult blend of pieces a more cohesive look since it will have a smoother transition on the walls even if we don't change colors. It's relatively a lot cheaper too if I go this path than purchasing the original one so if the time comes when I need to choose I'll tell them to consider it. After all it'll be numbered and hand signed as an authentic digital print. I'm ecstatic and feel a lot of people would say WOW at the sight of it. Imagine how they would react if something this beautiful lands on one of our walls. Mom's going to brag about it for a long time I'm sure!

Have you considered getting digital artwork? Do you have some at home? Care to tell me about it?


Funky Halloween Bowl at SM Bowling Center!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bowling is one of the most pleasurable things I do in my spare time. I remember playing a couple of games a few years ago in Makati, Greenhills and Cubao that got me to a couple of pedestals when I least expected it. It was the perfect alternative for a sickly kid who couldn't play too much basketball outside because of asthma and the conducive environment of an air conditioned room was but a paradise. I didn't know I was in for more just this weekend!

I met with bloggers last Saturday at Mall of Asia. To tell you honestly I haven't played bowling for the longest time because of time constraints and work related matters but this was a gathering of sorts so I didn't hesitate going. Without any practice, I got there and met with the wonderful people of SM Bowling Center. It's a little small than the usual bowling lanes I frequent in Makati but this was a little adventurous since they carried a cosmic bowling theme right from the get go. I love lanes like this because it's different and it's what most of my friends enjoy even if it is a little dark. It adds more spunk to say the least and I was in for a great time as I spend my evening with new people from the blogging industry. SM Bowling Center Mall of Asia was such a gracious host... I never thought I could play bowling the same way again. Have you ever heard of FUNKY BOWLING?!

Just like you I was dumbfounded what other things they were doing to the sport. I was being all competitive in my head when all along I was supposed to play this great game with a different set of rules. It was totally different from the conventional game we had in our mind. We got to look at the different stances we had to make just to throw the ball. It was both entertaining and challenging. Some of the moves were really difficult but I guess that comes with the game. I was thrilled to be part of the teams that gamely did everything on the list. Imagine sitting down, throwing between legs, shoving with your feet, doing a moonwalk before you throw the ball. It was really really nice to see ourselves do something unconventional let alone obnoxious to the entertainment of everyone there!

We were served great food from Sunset Boulevard! Grab a bite there while playing!

You thought this is over? Of course not! This Halloween at SM Bowling Center (Oct 30 - SM Fairview & SM MOA; Oct 31 - SM North EDSA) Go Trick or Treatin while playing the FUNKY HALLOWEEN BOWL! They also have billiards, Wii, Rockband and photobooths for everyone's enjoyment! Don't forget to wear your SCARY/CUTE/GREAT/FUNKY costumes! See you there!

Thank you so much to SM and the marketing staff and officials of SM Bowling Center! We had so much fun! I'm sure our friends and families will enjoy the same! Let's get the STRIIIKE!!!!!!


Goldilocks Pagbabago Awards Night

It's time for an update on what I have been doing this week. I was able to attend another Nuffnang PH event, this is the Goldilocks Pagbabago Awards night. Goldilocks has chosen 3 bloggers among hundreds of entries that made articles about the word "Pagbabago" and means to the ordinary Filipino. I did send an entry but of course who would think I'd win (when there were geniuses in the roster!) and big time bloggers listed there! =P Anyway I did have a nice time and enjoyed the food that was served in the event. Arriving at the venue, they immediately gave us DYC (Decorate Your Cake) kits so we'd make our own little versions of the cake Goldilocks has been known with. I attempted to do with the materials that was provided and I think I did do justice, take a look at this pink cow! LOL

Pink cow, pink kumagcow, pink Nuffnang and a pink G logo on top. I still didn't win though! LOL

It was ok that I didn't win that part I was looking forward to seeing who won the ITouch, Ipod and IPAD but none of them really landed on my portion of Earth. I was okay still because I didn't expect much from my work or the change that much have occurred in my life. In someway I think I'm boring but that's another story. I was enjoying the company of my seatmates though. I've seen their blogs too so it was a nice day to see them in the flesh!

Plus take a look at what Goldilocks served us for dinner!

Barbecue skewers, Fresh Lumpia, Sotanghon Guisado, Native Laing and chocolates. See the drink? That ALMOND LYCHEE POPZ is to die for. I'm not just saying that because I got it for free... dude you gotta feel those bits pop on your mouth and get transported to a fresher version of Shangrila! It is so good I had to go to another store just to get one the next day!

The winners were announced and it was Yoshke, Vivian and a pretty well known blogger KCAT who was pronounced to have the biggest change in their life! I must have been under a rock or something when change was in season but I never did regret going there. The people from Goldilocks Marketing were nice, a celebrity was there and there were lots of bloggers everywhere! I had a blast that night and I'm looking forward to more Nuffnang and Goldilocks events in the future!

I may have not have had the biggest change but I was happy for the winners. They really deserve it! I may have never won any gadget that night but I gained some friends in the process. Again, thank you Goldilocks and thank you Nuffnang Philippines!


Getting Friends and A Few Enemies

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I watched "The Social Network" movie last week and I was really impressed on how they told the story of Facebook. Like a lot of you guys I was a Friendster, Multiply and Myspace addict a couple of years ago. I was one of the few who resisted joining other social networks because it literally was a little time consuming. I had well resisted the temptation of opening one but the spam mails were really getting to me. After a few weeks everybody else was there aside from me so why shouldn't I join the bandwagon right?! When I made an account I didn't even bother to upload photos because I didn't know it would be as big as what it is today. I mainly played Mafia Wars and just tried adding friends for my mafia. I saw my own wall flooded with status remarks from everyone else and I think the connection became more real. You had the option to like or unlike something before... just imagine you can flatter or offend someone at a click of a link. Everyone else was getting what they want because relationship statuses were on their profiles as if it was telling someone "GET ME I'M SINGLE!" right at your face. I was venturing into a new hobby (photography) and that got the ball rolling, I was surprised how the social network that I despised of joining a few months back was literally making me stay staring at the wall and refreshing for hours! (I did that and I'm guilty!)

Anyway let's go back to Mark Zuckerberg. I didn't know he was that smart. I didn't know what a genius looked like until I tried to absorb that scene they made in that restaurant.

"Mark Zuckerberg: You're really leaving?

Erica takes Mark's hand and looks at him tenderly...

Erica: Listen. You're going to be successful and rich. But you're going to go through life thinking that girls don't like you because you're a tech geek. And I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that that won't be true. It'll be because you're an a**hole."

Okay... was it really a coincidence? it had some really huge similarities on my illustrious dating life. Well almost... I didn't really go to Harvard for that. Plus, I won't be scoring that well in the SAT's on the 16,000+ levels but I had better NSAT scores than our class valedictorian, does that count?! LOL! I have no bragging rights but I freaking want my soon to be wife an achiever, is that so much to ask for!? I guess not.

It was a really intellectual movie to say the least. Some sexy, perversion parts courtesy of their Jewish fraternities and Justin Timberlake as part of the cast acting as the homeless cocaine bearing billionaire - NAPSTER owner extraordinaire made the cut to put some sense on the problems they had to face on this movie. There were lies and setups from various personalities that you couldn't ignore and just made the movie a little more interesting (Yeah I like the part where his partner had to carry a chicken the whole day and got marred for animal cruelty!). I went home with a headache (thanks to the unending twists and turns) but it gave me something to think about with my friends and business dealings. Who would have thought otherwise?!

This awesome movie premier was all courtesy of PLDT myDSL modem+ WIFI and Nuffnang Philippines! I've never felt so glad I had PLDT as my current DSL provider and Nuffnang for hooking us up.

I would really love the opportunity to test out the PLDT myDSL modem+ WIFI because I might not be the real Cameron or Tyler Winklevoss that can spark an idea, or Saverin who is a business genius who still got fooled in the end... but I'm one of the best people who'd appreciate being online almost 24/7 working as a social network professional (whatta total coincidence!) and be happy with the small things life has. I'm no IVY league graduate but if given a chance to get one of these units I'll try my best not to become a borderline autistic, entirely ruthless conniver. I'll try to get a few friends to use it and try my best to get fewer enemies in the future. Now wouldn't that be just a great deal?!


Cleaning Up!

Friday, October 22, 2010

After the aftermath of the typhoon comes the rigorous task of clearing the roads of debris. There are several major roads that have not been opened yet because of landslides but the city is not exempted. There are tree trunks falling off the road. You can also see garbage and other waste materials but some people are so busy with their lives they forget to clean up their own backyard. If we only had large automated street sweepers then it wouldn't be a problem. We can open up the roads in no time if the government also invests in these trucks! I have seen a couple of them operating in our city but they just stay within the major thoroughfares and don't bother going to the side streets where it is also needed. Maybe around 20 would be fine so we would be able to work efficiently after that. This is civil service after all and if it is provided by the local government it would be a big help!

I know there are reputable companies that manufacture them. The business sector and the government should take a look at this. Making sure the streets are safe and traffic less congested would do well to the economy because transport of goods and services would be at an all time high. We know how this would benefit the ordinary worker so let's make sure we get one soon by urging politicians or our own bosses to get them as the need arises. I want one running on my neighborhood so I wrote my Congressman already.

Have you done something good today?! Tell me about it!


David Foster and Friends

Yeah yeah you can say all you want! I know I am a little lame in some ways and this isn't one of them. I like seeing Charice succeed and also seeing international stars. I am one of the millions who adore her. Why not? She's got one hell of a voice... If you think about it we've got lots of them here that didn't get to penetrate the world market. Aside from Lea I don't think there are others who made significant contributions aside from Journey front man Arnel Pineda and Charice in these times.

Did you know they arrived yesterday? Yeap they just got in from a tour in Japan! Natalie Cole and Reuben Studdard will be here to perform on the concert. There's also a Canadian foursome that sings standards and operas which I don't have a clue of who they are but they are here too. I wonder if they are as good as the others on the list. A big disappointment though are the no shows like Michael Buble and the other ones Charice sang with a few months ago.

Charice actually sang with NEYO in Las Vegas and got him to do Michael Jackson numbers. That's one achievement again on her hat. It's the same concert where she received 2 standing ovations for singing Celine Dion songs. David Foster is really promoting her a lot these days and he's not surprised if Charice makes it BIGTIME as if this wasn't big already!

Are you going to watch this concert?! I wonder how much it costs. Better look at ticketnet because they probably have them listed too.

OT: I love the album Jojo released on her tumblr account. It's all for free so I suggest you get a copy too.