Daily Moo's 10192010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just ordered Jollibee Chickenjoy today. I specifically instructed the one who took my order to get it cooked well done. The 2 piece chicken arrived. One was edible, but the other one was bloody again. This also happened yesterday so I went ahead and complained. The bitch manager told me it was because they were using young chicken that's why the meat is pink from blood. I raised my voice and said "Do you mean everyone else is eating pink chicken from your store?" hahaha. This was supposed to be a nightmare but what am I doing complaining that the chicken is pink hahaha XD

I'm looking for pokemon online games. I miss the time I was playing a 2d version of it. It went out after a couple of months. Maybe some people from the original makers sued the guy and asked him to shut it down. Really miss that one. I think pokemonvolcano is another site I'd visit but it looks lame to tell you honestly.

I want to go home and get some rest but I need to go to the gym. I haven't gone there for a week now and its really hard to keep up with my schedules. I want to squeeze this in because I need it. That's what I pay for so I do need to do whatever I need to do there. If they say I need to pump up again like what I did a few years ago I'm prepared to lift the machines and throw them out on the street. Hahahah... That would be a great thing to see if I turn into Hulk again. Teeeheee.

What have you done this weekend? Did you accomplish something great? What are your plans this coming weekend? Sama! Heheh



ZaiZai said...

ew I hate bloody chicken too..na excperience ko na din makakain ng "young" chicken na yan, nakakasuka :) pag naging hulk ka na, she hulk naman ako :)

John Bueno said...

di bale zai ppaltan daw nila bukas pagorder ulet namin =)