Artwork That I'd Adore

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I've seen a lot of things this weekend that I couldn't get because I'm saving up for artwork that I plan to put up on our living room. Mom says we need one and who can argue with that. I wouldn't want to stare at a blank wall as a conversation piece and I kind of agree that we need some sort of a focal point. My photography would be out of place there because I mainly do fashion and the room's feel is more of classic and contemporary. If there would be something else I could try John Powell Prints looks good.

The strong reds and purple shade on the garden seem to be the perfect accompaniment to the hardwood furniture we already have in state. The darker shade would definitely give this difficult blend of pieces a more cohesive look since it will have a smoother transition on the walls even if we don't change colors. It's relatively a lot cheaper too if I go this path than purchasing the original one so if the time comes when I need to choose I'll tell them to consider it. After all it'll be numbered and hand signed as an authentic digital print. I'm ecstatic and feel a lot of people would say WOW at the sight of it. Imagine how they would react if something this beautiful lands on one of our walls. Mom's going to brag about it for a long time I'm sure!

Have you considered getting digital artwork? Do you have some at home? Care to tell me about it?



Oliver said...

inggit ako dito, pero kayong 2 lang ni Anton kilala ko. haha.
by invitation ba to?

John Bueno said...

Hehe yeah tsaka biglaan lang din yan =)