Manila's Finest PI Andres

Tuesday, October 12, 2010



Andres a swashbuckling private investigator was hired by the Manila chief of police for an assignment. He was in the prime of his youth, women adore him while guys envy him. His Mom was white as Redford; and Dad was black as Norman... he turned out to be as brown as Charlie. His name was legendary, since he was also a former member of the vamped up Manila Mayor's secret service. 3 women were by his side as associates; namely Marcela, Lorenza, and Delfina. The Manila City hall and Mehan Garden is not what you think it is. It served as their headquarters in the outskirts of Manila; marble slabs flipped off at a turn of a stone... they become mainframe computers and super machines. Various high powered armaments adorn it's walls while each white pillar contain Mammoth Tanks with high grade ultrasonic capabilities that could rip up a whole army in seconds. They are currently investigating a gang of Saibai Men said to have set foot in Manila to wreak havoc and employ street children for petty crimes. Intelligence reports these Saibai Men had weapons at their hideout in the South Harbor, Manila; it consists of rusty bolos from which death wil come from tetanus and not from its blunt blade, aluminum alloy baseball bats and a few hundred sumpak units. Apparently they were going back to the basics; since vintage was having a comeback, he wore a Dick Tracy like outfit while the girls wore 60's inspired numbers that made twiggy envy them. The Saibai Men caused quite a ruckus in the suburbs but they always made it look natural as if it weren't organized as it is. Someone is surely heading the operations and Andres wasn't confident his 3 associates could handle it (no matter how much "girl power" hype was present) so he went on alone on this quest.

He had 2 newly trained ASPIN dogs to accompany him named Bantay and Tagpi. Bantay was fitted with rocket propelled grenade launchers (hailed from MILF - JemaahIslamia technologies) and meat grinder teeth while Tagpi through advanced engineering had environmentally friendly bio diesel flame throwers, long razor sharp claws and bionic eyes. They all had overwhelming power written all over them when people see them on the streets. Andres was quite sure he'll find information on the pier. Even if it was a little far from his area of responsibility he scoured every Japan Surplus store and asked around for the Saibai Men which was the operating in Manila. It was a little dangerous since he was literally in enemy territory but he never hesitated. The Manila Police reported over transistor radios that the Sampaloc - Espana area were overtaken by them already. Students from UST were forced to give in lunch money, as locals passed out from the stench of flood from man made waste the Saibai Men prepared for over a period of 7 years. It was planned all along. Andres knew that he needed to see who started it all; he went through the side streets and went on to the Bureau of Customs. Who wouldn't suspect something fishy in a government office anyway! He secretly monitored the movement as these Saibai Men were being moved by the hundreds through huge cargo container vans. Andres immediately sought Bantay and Tagpi into action shooting ship cranes disabling them from carrying and taking Saibai Men defense forces inside the pier. Andres hastily ordered Bantay to immediately launch several missiles on the other boats since more of their minions were taking arms already. Tagpi on his own slashed his way through the rushing forces from the Saibai Men's front. They were no match for him.

Andres rushed to the commissioner's office and got the lead from bystanders that he was the culprit behind this brouhaha. Apart from another fleet of Saibai Men in the midst there were several mutants who stood guard for the man leading this operation. To get to that area he had to go through several walls put up on the camp cum South harbor. At this time a huge airplane flew on top of him and dropped several big boxes attached to gigantic parachutes. When it landed the boxes flipped open and there were Mammoth Ultrasonic tanks in it. The top cover opened and the three gorgeous ladies Marcela, Lorenza, and Delfina were all driving it.

Marcela, Lorenza, and Delfina

Bantay and Tagpi soon followed eliminating some of the Saibai Men guarding the gates. Andres hopped in and got on one of the tanks, fired it up and the first charge was shot. Then a huge wave came out of the tesla coil like front of the tank immediately tearing down the walls and obliterating stuff and Saibai Men that were on the way. They proceeded to the last one which was attached to the building... bore a hole on it exposing who the culprit was. "Hold it right there!" said Andres. When the smoke cleared they saw one familiar face carrying a couple of bolo's on his hand, he was juggling it and throwing several ones to Andres. It was the Chief of Police that hired him... shocked as Andres was he managed to dodge some of the blades; but there were still some that went through and got him wounded. He's doing hand to hand combat now and it wasn't easy battling it out with the cop. Boom!, Pak!, Thud!, Kapow!... Andres managed to cripple the cop, he's got an Aikido blackbelt to thank for that. On the ground, choking like a little kid he asked the cop why he did this... cop mustered strength to take a few seconds off the hold and spit on his face. Andres pressed a few nerves and got the cop to talk. "I needed an alibi to kill people and you were the perfect excuse... you spoiled my plans, so now we'll both die!"... Andres saw the cop press something within his shirt, he was full of c4 blocks inside his shirt. In 10 seconds it'll explode, so he hurriedly asked everyone to leave the premises. "KABOOOOOOOM!!!" the South harbor building exploded and everyone got out eventually... the girls got Andres out of the rubble. "Next time you play something like this alone we won't be here!" said Marcela. "Nah, I'm sure I can handle it!" said Andres grinning while clearing up everything on his face.




Unknown said...

DAYAA! May visual aids! Ahaha, joke lang, hi kumagcow, napadaan din! Mali yung dinapuan mong site ko, nilangaw na yun eh. Goodluck sa entry mo!

John Bueno said...

Hahah kasi Momel that's how my imagination runs hehe =)

Traveliztera said...

Woahhhh ganda ng visuals a hahaha! action kung action! may sound effects pa hahahhaa! ganito... gawan natin toh ng movie. actually parang sarap gawin nito ng comics

John Bueno said...

steph naman oh hahah... lumalabas paminsan minsan ang pagkaweirdo ko heheh XD

Traveliztera said...

weird din ako hahaha! sarap i-drawing toh hahaha seryoso ako

John Bueno said...

Steph mahirap ata hehe iniisip ko pa lang tinatamad nako =)

ZaiZai said...

haha ang cute :) fun read :)

Momel said...

DAYAA! May visual aids! Ahaha, joke lang, hi kumagcow, napadaan din! Mali yung dinapuan mong site ko, nilangaw na yun eh. Goodluck sa entry mo!