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Friday, October 29, 2010

I've been looking for a way to promote my photography business and one of the best solutions I know is to get a web site for it. I've been putting up structures like this in the past and one of the important choices I have to make is how to find easy breezy web hosting. Setting up a domain is strategy among all other things in business. If I'm going to make this right I have to start with the clear basics. Choosing the right name, domain name and planning the site architecture so if someone gets my services it wouldn't be too hard to contact me. I have to also allot time to put content on it so I would be able to present professional looking output as what I've been doing in the past. My portfolio will speak for itself and I have to get some of the site details to enhance what I already have. With this in the works I'm surely going to open more opportunities for my peers as well. I need to get the hiring process for an assistant done ASAP!

To get a lucrative business going I have to get the best services even if it is just for hosting my web site. It actually spells how it would make or break me in the long run. I have to choose wisely if I plan to use it for transacting business too. The connection also needs to be secure and accommodate the traffic which this site calls for. Maybe institutions like web hosting hub should be taken in consideration since they match the perfect one I require. Are you running a commercial site now? Is your provider doing a good job? Let me know!


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