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Saturday, October 02, 2010

It's my Dad's birthday today! I arrived pretty late but we still went out for dinner. I was not tipsy from drinking beer again that morning. Yeah after two months of not drinking here I go again. Anyway, we had a lot of japanese food and yoghurt. What's important is that we still spent time together. It was really nice to do that!

The CBCP is really not the ones who should tell people what to do with their lives. Stick to religion. Stop meddling with politics. Stay on your churches and don't ever dictate what people should do and threaten them to be excommunicated from the roman catholic faith. I will ban you bishops from viewing my blog hahah!

SK and barangay elections are near and local officials are already filing for their candidacy. I wonder what will happen to the notion not to have SK groups anymore. I think they ought to be removed from the system because it is a waste of money. They only organize basketball games anyway, any kid could do that.

Their are a lot of things on the mind of the ERC because power corporations say there is ample amount of electricity but there are still blackouts in Mindanao. I wonder what solutions they are going to give... a nuclear plant perhaps? We just need that, but it really has to be safe!

I admit, I'm watching ANTM reruns again. I'm obviously looking for inspiration! LOL!

Who ever said shooting high fashion is bad for the morning?! I'm doing that now, wish me luck!

Before I end this post, may I just say CBCP ULOL! Hahahah! XD



EngrMoks said...

Happy Birthday sa Daddy mo... at Ang ganda naman nya par...

John Bueno said...

Thanks Mokong =) yeah she is beautiful... part sya ng GFORCE sa ASAP =)

pusangkalye said...

galet????sa CBCP?lol. I would say ayaw ko rin ang mendling nila sa RH bill. hope Ninoy would not be intimidated. Di naman nya utang pagkapanalo nya sa CBCP eh.

bulakbolero.sg said...

wow. nice shot.

John Bueno said...

Thanks bulakbulero =) Slamat talaga! =)