Daily Moo's 10272010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I just got back from Philippine Fashion Week Day #2 and it was sweet! I got to talk to a lot of people and what a night it was to get me front row seats in the AXE sponsored fashion show. Their creations were really great. I'm going to let you in on it once my photos are processed. Telling it with just words would bore you. It was nice meeting other prominent bloggers there too! I'd like to say hi to Jayson and Amity! See you on tomorrow's event and thanks for the ride! That's just sweet!

I'm so addicted these days with Chico and Delamar Podcasts. It's because I couldn't get to listen to live ones in the morning since I travel from work to home when it starts. That sucks but I have to do what's second best! I didn't weep with the latest batch of shows where they interviewed RX scholars. Stories were heart wrenching don't get me wrong but it looked like a rerun of Wowowee and I hate that!

I almost saw the bloggers that made Tunaynalalake.com last week. They were right there but I didn't really notice them. It was okay though because I kinda saw them being all rowdy at the Nuffnang event. But I really didn't think it was them... that was such a waste of time to think about now. Hahaha!

I've been trying so hard to win on Jessica Zafra's Litwit challenges but it looks like I'm not going to be close to anything interesting in their books. I have no structure unlike Glenn and Jepoy... teach me perhaps?! Hehehe

Tomorrow will be another fun day as I go to another event, I'm really excited to see more people. Well not that much but can you just feel I'm excited?! Hehehe! I wish I could be with the other bloggers that I already know so it wouldn't be that awkward!

I'm going to post my Fashion Week set on Facebook and probably put some of them here too. I just hope I do justice on some of them. I haven't done that much male models in the past so this one is going to be a lot different! Watch out for that! =)

Oh did I say there were gorgeous women on it too?! Hahah!



pusangkalye said...

waaahhh!!!more photos!!!! cant wait sa Saturday!!!!yihhhh

John Bueno said...

di pa yan yung photos, last year yan eh hehehe

pusang kalye said...

waaahhh!!!more photos!!!! cant wait sa Saturday!!!!yihhhh