Daily Moo's 10142010

Friday, October 15, 2010

After a long time it's time for the Daily Moo!

My Aunt's cremation went well. Relatives came by the dozen. Mom prepared food for the wake which she and my cousin sponsored. Turned out they had so much people who came there for it and they almost didn't get to eat. (Madami kasi MASIBA! Gusto pa ng Kanin! Hahah!) Though I couldn't blame them because my Mom makes the best Caldereta and Pancit Molo (no JOKE!). She even gets the ingredients from Iloilo or Bacolod before she cooks em here! Really authentic!

I'm so excited a MUJI store is opening here in Manila. It's in Bonifacio High Street and I couldn't help but think of hoarding organizers. I need that in my room. I can also start my Christmas shopping there. Oooh just thinking about how I'd spend on my card is getting me sick! hahah I have lots of plane tickets and hotel reservations to pay for heheh

I'll choose some rad shoes again for a coat and tie I picked up yesterday. I think it is becoming an obsession. Well not so much... just don't count the number of shoes I have on the shelf and I'm good as cured.

I'm off... gotta get home early and go out too. I wonder where my feet will get me today. I don't have friends on Fridays anymore. Sob story there!

Covering a wedding on Saturday, wish me luck with that!



Xprosaic said...

Ang busy ng schedule! hehehehehe... Ang yoomoon yoomoon naman maraming hotel reservations at plane tickets! Libre naman...lol

bulakbolero.sg said...

goodluck sa wedding coverage.

bigla akong nagutom sa kaldereta kahit kakain ko lang ng lants. lol

John Bueno said...

@I am Xprosaic aba John Lloyd utang lang lahat yun hahaha

@bulakbolero hehe ako din eh kaya eto kain tayo, may natira pang caldereta 2 days na hehe

ZaiZai said...

naku condolence pala sa aunt..too much death this october :(

anyways, nabasa ko nga sa chuvaness ang about sa muji. mahilig pa naman ako sa japanese stores at kung ano anong abubuot - baka maubos pera ko dun.

good luck sa wedding shoot! :)

glentot said...

Naks busyng busy ang sched!!!!

John Bueno said...

You are right Zai, coping just like you are...

Glentot Sinabi mo pa! hayyy eto nga edit nako ngayon... =)