Moving South: Peace and Quiet

Saturday, October 02, 2010

I'm going to have a short trip to the south so I could get my things to our house there. I've been going there every weekend and it has cost me a lot. If you think about it, I'm probably going to have problems moving big furniture because it wouldn't fit the back of the van. It makes me wish some houston moving company would come and help me. It would have been faster and a lot better. I know how hard it is going to get when that time comes. I haven't even finished decorating it yet because I don't have the swing I plan to put on the porch. I'm still trying to get the table and country style pieces from a couple of stores. This is going to be great!

Having the best things in life was one of the reasons I started writing. With this in the works I'm sure I'll have my own sweet refuge where no one would be able to find me. It's pretty far from Manila but that is one of the charming things about it... its remoteness from the city. It's pretty hard to travel but the benefits of peace and quiet seem to have outweighed it. I want to see my family to enjoy that too in the near future. After all, it was bought for them.

That just made me think a lot... sometimes I enjoy the noise of the city and also the quiet countryside. How about you?!



pusangkalye said...

kaya nga I moved east. iba parin ang peace ng countryside. pero wag lang talagang yung tipong subrang isolated na na tipong walang nawasa, phone, internet at cable. mahirap naman na yun. clue naman dyan kung saan yang house south na yan.hahaha

Traveliztera said...

I actually live far from the main city and I like it. I love the peacefulness and, well, everything!

I'm glad you're excited about putting the pieces together! I hope we get to see a preview of your future refuge :D