Daily Moo's 10262010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I just did something wrong today but I'm not going to tell you guys about it. You might think I'm not as smart as I look heheh.

It's around 20 hours left before I lose a deal on CASHCASH for the Cream Halloween Ball. It's one of the best rave parties in Asia and I really want to shoot there too. They've got the best DJ's from Europe who'll probably be great at Electronica and House which I'm really fond of.

This week will surely be a very busy one for me because as a fashion photographer you can never go without fashion week every year. I never skipped one so I'm surely going to be in the sidelines again. I got one for the Penshoppe and AXE sponsored shows. Hopefully I get to see some people from the industry and get my rollerdecks running. I have 2 major projects in line and I need them for logistics. Thanks for the bloggers that hooked me up *hint hint* heheh!

I'm currently busy right now backing up my photos on DVD. I have around 50 on my archive. I don't want to fill up hard drive space and I'm saving the raw ones now. I specifically also want to backup my workshop with Xander Angeles so I won't be sorry if I have problems with my laptop. It acted up the other day but its okay now. That was just a hint of an upcoming nightmare I guess.

More events will happen soon so if you have read my previous entries, there will be more of that soon!

See yah wouldn't wanna be yah! =)


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