When Payday Is Far Away!

Friday, October 01, 2010

I purchased a couple of airline tickets and reserved a hotel for six people today. I don't even know that I have money to purchase that in the first place. I didn't think about it I guess. I checked the amount today though and I was a little bit shocked. That is an understatement of course and I didn't know it would get that big. I'm a little bit worried though because the payment should be done in a couple of days from now and I won't get paid for work until the 15th of this month. I need to get that settled first or face the consequences of adding up a preposterous debt because of added interest rates these banks usually charge. If only I could get a cash advance approved today that would be great! There are great sites on line like SUPERIORPAYDAY or INMYDEBTS just to name a few. I would like to try them out since I've heard good things about them. I can pay them back once my paycheck comes!

If that pushes through I would get rid of the trouble. I don't like getting into these things (the credit card interest dilemma!) but if it comes to a point that I need money to pay for it I'll do just that! Things are not easy for me now but at least I get to have my folks and relatives to travel with me. I know a lot of people go through the same situation that I'm in right now and I'm glad that there are businesses out there willing to help us out when we really need it. I love payday loans! It's a life saver!

Have you experienced getting loans you thought you couldn't pay for? What did you do to resolve it? Have you considered getting loans and paying them back on your pay day?! Let me know! Thanks!

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EngrMoks said...

may loan ako ngayon sa employer ko, Citifinancial... 2 years to pay. Ginagawa nila salary deduction every payday. Ngayon nag malaking problema ko, resign na ko sa kanila, kaya ako na ang nagbabayad sa citifinancial.

glentot said...

I'm scared of making cash advances because I was told that I'll be stuck with more debt that i originally was. Maybe that's just for people who are very organized when it comes to money.

Bino said...

mas malala kung cash advance ng credit card ang gagamitin dahil araw araw ang interest. :)

John Bueno said...

ang hilig hilig kasi natin umutang hahahah XD