Teaser: Philippine Fashion Week 2010: AXE Event

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sorry for the late post guys! I know I've been busy this week and that includes the short visits I made in cemeteries because I'll be out of the country for a few days in November. I wish I could take you all with me and my folks for a little rest and recreation but if I bought you tickets that will be a LOT expensive! Ha-ha!

It's high time I show you some of the photos I took while in Fashion Week. At least I need to update you of what I've been doing this past few days. There are also several events in between so just stay put and enjoy the view. I'll start with the guys first!

AXE the favorite deo cologne for men in the Philippines has put together a couple of designers and shown how a simple spray can be infectious and drag all the women in. To get the girl you gotta be smelling good like these guys here!

See what it does if you spray them on generously?! That's the point! You have to have AXE to get the AXE EFFECT. Are you wondering where the girls are? They went in force!

Here's the army!

They run after guys who wear and have the AXE Effect. Go get those deodorant sticks and deo cologne sprays and get chased by these same women too!

I just got it this afternoon... and I'm going out this evening with it too. Spritz!

Showing more of this set soon! Off to Fashion Week again tomorrow! See yah!


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ZaiZai said...

i love the pics! lalo na pics ng boys :) some had noise on them though - baka dahil sa axe effect :)