Cleaning Up!

Friday, October 22, 2010

After the aftermath of the typhoon comes the rigorous task of clearing the roads of debris. There are several major roads that have not been opened yet because of landslides but the city is not exempted. There are tree trunks falling off the road. You can also see garbage and other waste materials but some people are so busy with their lives they forget to clean up their own backyard. If we only had large automated street sweepers then it wouldn't be a problem. We can open up the roads in no time if the government also invests in these trucks! I have seen a couple of them operating in our city but they just stay within the major thoroughfares and don't bother going to the side streets where it is also needed. Maybe around 20 would be fine so we would be able to work efficiently after that. This is civil service after all and if it is provided by the local government it would be a big help!

I know there are reputable companies that manufacture them. The business sector and the government should take a look at this. Making sure the streets are safe and traffic less congested would do well to the economy because transport of goods and services would be at an all time high. We know how this would benefit the ordinary worker so let's make sure we get one soon by urging politicians or our own bosses to get them as the need arises. I want one running on my neighborhood so I wrote my Congressman already.

Have you done something good today?! Tell me about it!


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