Daily Moo's 10172010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am currently alone in the office with no one. I can't even see the guard from where I am and the room is so big. I wonder if the ghost they were telling stories about would appear for me. That would be a sight to behold! LOL

They said it was a kid running around but to tell you honestly I didn't see one here. I'm clairvoyant and I've seen ghosts at home, aside from that and the hauntings I had in the past I could see some in other places but not in the office. I know, you can say I'm weird but I was also a skeptic like you... when I saw one and even touched me I freakin believe them now! Go ahead and do it if you want to... invoke spirits and they will surely come!

Anton of Pusangkalye.net just invited me this Saturday for an event in MOA. I hope I can be available by then... I'm crossing my fingers though and I hope I don't have to do photography stuff that day. =)

I'm listening to news on a halo halo radio I bought from Chowking a few months back. I bought gold eveready batteries for this and it hasn't gone out yet. It's pretty cool for emergency days like this. I bought something good... FINALLY!

@gasolinedude is around town from SG. He met with Glentot aka wickedmouth.com and Steph of traveliztera.blogspot.com, apparently he's on a tight schedule so he won't be able to go on weekends to meet the rest of us. At least he got his way meeting Steph coz I guess he's got a crush on her hehe XD Jepoy likes her too but they won't admit it. My blog my rules kapish? LOL
Jepoy is sick. I wish he's okay. Hope he's fine. He got hugged by steph this evening. That'll get him cured in no time! LOL

The super typhoon is about to hit Luzon where Metro Manila is. It's a little up north so we shouldn't be worried. It's raining a lot though. People are afraid it's going to be the same as Ondoy. There are classes tomorrow though, only Regions 1 and 2 have em suspended. It hasn't stopped raining there since yesterday and boy the winds are carrying roofs and uprooting trees now. Hope everyone is going to be safe. Wear condoms! LOL

I need to finish the photos now. See yah wouldn't wanna be yah! =)



Jepoy said...

totally randoms! LOL

John Bueno said...

di naman siguro hehe XD