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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I like your article... very information to me! hahahah (hongondo ng comment ng blogger na to, panalo!) He cracked me up BIGTIME! Hehehe

Sometimes I want to lose faith in love and all that s*** but I covered another wedding yesterday. I'll tell you a story about that on Monday. About the couple too.

I'm tired and I need a massage. My back hurts and my right foot pinches me every once in a while. I woke up early too thinking I didn't need sleep. At least I know I still can feel pain. I almost thought I was a corpse but this just made me human.

I saw empanadang ilocos at moa when I went out with bloggers last week. They were doing it from scratch which made me doubly excited to eat em. Unfortunately I was more excited to go to work, I almost got late! Whew! Hehe.. Next time I'll really buy that!

My shoe's were a little painful yesterday, I guess I haven't been wearing them formal shoes that much. I wonder where the other ones are, mom kept most of them and slid them on bags. I don't know where she put it! Argh!

People have been moving my stuff around the office. I'm a squatter now LOL. They were planning decent don't get me wrong, but man it's just a pain to ask for things in the office these days... Automating didn't seem to have sped up things as it should. Filing tickets and them closing it at their own without consulting if they resolved it with users is darn wrong. Good thing I can open them up again, imagine jobs if they were all mediocre like this. I'd probably rate them low on CSAT if they keep on doing this.

I need to be optimistic every way I can, I hate losing hope with my self you know! =)


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