You Think You're Cooler Than Me?!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I want to believe in love but it doesn't seem to always work. Why do I often ask myself if I want to love again when I don't even care anymore if I end up with someone or not? I'm a walking psychological nightmare; what have I turned myself into?! Is this all I'm going to be? Am I going to just linger in an entirely abysmal future of failed relationships?! Sheesh... I don't like this feeling... I am so down right now I could knock at hell next door. Hello melon collie... how have you been these past few years?!

I need to be hopeful in more ways than one. I'm pretty difficult to understand in times like these. There were times I was so desperately in love with a friend. That didn't end quite nicely too. I think I never moved on from that either. If I meet her again I probably would feel awkward and lose that sanity... if there is still some left. Haaaay... the last time I felt like this was ages ago. I can't say "I told you so!" to "myself" for obvious reasons. I almost forgot what it felt to be human. I hate it... I hate it...

Love shouldn't be this complicated. I know se* isn't but look at what's happening now. You think I should revert back to my emo rocker days?! Nah.. I didn't look too cute that time (but I'm trying hard to stay not cute LOL). I miss what I had. I thought it was forever but I guess sometimes their forever is so short. What's up with women these days, can't they just listen and understand me first before demanding anything?! Do they think they can just get another man cooler than me?! I doubt it!

You think you're cooler than me?! =)



Traveliztera said...

Nobody's cooler than KumagCow!!!


Well both men and women have changed their dating ways... Probably because of past traumas or whatsoever and sad nalang pag natapat ka pa sa mga ganon pero it's all in the timing... Minsan, talagang matagal pa pro worth it naman.

bsta tandaan mo... NOBODY'S COOLER THAN U HAHAHA! :P cheer up! you'll meet someone at the right time ;)

onetwotryn said...

same sentiments here. it's like you took the words right outta my mouth! love moves in strange ways and it's strangely avoiding me. haha. single or not, it doesn't matter anymore. if they think they can find somebody better than us, they're dead wrong! haha.

pusangkalye said...

Oh i sooooo love that don't speak song!!!!I know where you are coming from, I fell in love with my best friend too and it was very difficult to adjust at first. good thing we stick it out together and we survived the storm.....I am now happily married to her. So , what can I say---in love, you have to be bold.