Loving City Breaks!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm so happy when the weekend comes. I think it's because I get to take a break from work and do photography. I'm getting pretty serious about it too so I go out of town to private functions, fashion shows and a little rest and recreation. To tell you honestly I haven't gone out for a while and never went out of the city like I used to. That's why I need cheap city breaks every now and then. I guess you need to see local sights first if you haven't been there. I found out pretty late that I need to do this just like what other countries have been doing in the past decade or so.

I noticed that the landscape and culture changes if you get into another city. I wanted to study in London a couple of years ago and this was the same thing that was on my mind. They have real good places to go to and it's quite easy to get from one spot to another. I'd have to work and start over though but life is indeed a little better there. I'm still optimistic that I can go there for a vacation. Maybe if I can get in and if the time comes that ill visit my brother in Ireland; I'm surely going to drop by a couple of cities in Great Britain. That's not even far behind from my plans and I'm crossing them out on my list one by one. I'm going there but if I do I'd tour the whole country without hesitation. Ill just take pictures and tell you the tale of the good looking guy that went on his great journey to discover the sights and sounds of a glorious country. Would you do the same if you were on my shoes?! Have you gone to the best places in your part of the world?!



Xprosaic said...

Wohooo! Soar high kumagcow! hehehehehehe

EngrMoks said...

Par...sama ko...hahaha Photoshoot tayo!!!Sana payagan ako ni wifey

John Bueno said...

Nyahaha sira ka talaga John Lloyd LOL

@mokong Naks penge pera hehe

KUMAGCOW said...

Nyahaha sira ka talaga John Lloyd LOL

@mokong Naks penge pera hehe