Mom Should Get Me Awnings!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

You guys probably know that I'm trying to build a refuge in the south. Part of that plan is to also get some furniture and pieces that I'd enjoy with my family. I wanted something rustic and very natural looking so the wood work is going to be a little hard. I forgot something though aside from the swing I wanted to get for the porch; I should have had awnings attached to the roof since the rain isn't a joke around here. That might just spoil the wood so I need to get one for it. The deal is I don't have that much choice in this side of the world so I'd probably get ones on line. Here we go again with my retail therapy ha-ha!

This is pretty much a necessity so I can take care of the ones I bought. Imagine what it would be like if torrential rain and sun always hit them, that would really spell another shelling out of money if I don't take care of them right? I have to make sure I make my investment work for me and my family because after all I worked for it! I want to still be shaded from harsh rays while sitting on that swing + porch reading my very first novel. I know! I should have been writer somewhere in my life. This is going to be another one of those reality shows put on paper. I've got to find them now... some stores like HILLARYS have them (*hint*) and Mom would be the perfect candidate to donate that to me! That's just about sounds right! I hope Mom agrees!


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