Goldilocks Pagbabago Awards Night

Monday, October 25, 2010

It's time for an update on what I have been doing this week. I was able to attend another Nuffnang PH event, this is the Goldilocks Pagbabago Awards night. Goldilocks has chosen 3 bloggers among hundreds of entries that made articles about the word "Pagbabago" and means to the ordinary Filipino. I did send an entry but of course who would think I'd win (when there were geniuses in the roster!) and big time bloggers listed there! =P Anyway I did have a nice time and enjoyed the food that was served in the event. Arriving at the venue, they immediately gave us DYC (Decorate Your Cake) kits so we'd make our own little versions of the cake Goldilocks has been known with. I attempted to do with the materials that was provided and I think I did do justice, take a look at this pink cow! LOL

Pink cow, pink kumagcow, pink Nuffnang and a pink G logo on top. I still didn't win though! LOL

It was ok that I didn't win that part I was looking forward to seeing who won the ITouch, Ipod and IPAD but none of them really landed on my portion of Earth. I was okay still because I didn't expect much from my work or the change that much have occurred in my life. In someway I think I'm boring but that's another story. I was enjoying the company of my seatmates though. I've seen their blogs too so it was a nice day to see them in the flesh!

Plus take a look at what Goldilocks served us for dinner!

Barbecue skewers, Fresh Lumpia, Sotanghon Guisado, Native Laing and chocolates. See the drink? That ALMOND LYCHEE POPZ is to die for. I'm not just saying that because I got it for free... dude you gotta feel those bits pop on your mouth and get transported to a fresher version of Shangrila! It is so good I had to go to another store just to get one the next day!

The winners were announced and it was Yoshke, Vivian and a pretty well known blogger KCAT who was pronounced to have the biggest change in their life! I must have been under a rock or something when change was in season but I never did regret going there. The people from Goldilocks Marketing were nice, a celebrity was there and there were lots of bloggers everywhere! I had a blast that night and I'm looking forward to more Nuffnang and Goldilocks events in the future!

I may have not have had the biggest change but I was happy for the winners. They really deserve it! I may have never won any gadget that night but I gained some friends in the process. Again, thank you Goldilocks and thank you Nuffnang Philippines!



EngrMoks said...

Manlibre ka naman sa Goldilocks... hehehe

jared's mum said...

too bad for me, i wasn't able to seemed everybody had a great time....

Asiong32 said...

i was here at the awards night, it was a lot of fun! next tym uli...sana manalo rin...hehe

jared's mum said...

too bad for me, i wasn't able to seemed everybody had a great time....