Typhoon Juan

Monday, October 18, 2010

In about an hour from now, Typhoon Juan is going to leave the land of the Philippines off the coast of La Union. At around midnight it will leave the Philippine Area of Responsibility and head off either East China or if it goes north it will go to Taiwan. It is so great that the predictions proved to be accurate because it is causing great damage. If I didn't have blinds on my window a few of my appliances might have ended up wet. It has been a lifesaver since I was a kid. It shields me from the sun too when I wake up late. I don't want to crisp up you know!

Weather has been pretty rough on us today. They even say life is unfair. We need the torrential rains so we can have some water to drink and fill up our reservoirs. I heard we are in normal levels even if the rainfall has been pretty rough. That's around 60-120 mm in a single day. The wind's pretty fast too that it ripped roofs and house walls off cities in the north. I'm glad to be safe in the refuge of my home and got my stuff still dry after that. We're all hoping for the best and I hope in some way we could find a way to prepare better so we didn't have casualties. As for me I'm getting my other windows fixed and fitted with blinds so I stay safe. Who's up for a natural shower?! Typhoon Juan might get us really wet as it goes out to the South China Sea. I wish we are always as ready as we are now. So we can have tea in the refuge of our own homes not worrying about anything when this happens!

What happened in your neck of the woods?!



EngrMoks said...

Par, hanggang ngayon dama ko pa din si Juan dito sa Bulacan, ang lakas ng ulan... past 12 na pero mahamngin pa rin... Sarap matulog nito! hehehe

Traveliztera said...

Why still up!!! Ikaw na ang bahala sa weather forecast namin? coooooool!

dude, u don't want to crisp up but we're crispy!!! we're jepoy's "frieds" HAHAHHAHAHA! ang cute talaga ni jepoy, hanggang dito inaasar haha! ( sana d nia toh mabasa wahahaha!)

glentot said...

And I was looking forward to "no work" days...

John Bueno said...

@mokong talaga? Buti ka pa, ako nasa loob ng office, malamig pero pakiramdam ko kulob ehehe

@steph syempre gising pako kasi nasa work e hehe nakow we're good frieds with the birthday boy =)

@glentot honga eh... akala ko din... dibale next week long weekend =)