Missing X

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I was doing post processing this morning when a funny text arrived from an unfamiliar number, it didn't register to me until I read parts of it...

"Hey, I know its been a long time. I really didn't think about the things I told you when we parted. I want you to know I understand why you got mad. I miss you."

I'm kinda okay with that but after not talking to me for 7 months, 23 days, 6 hours and 24 minutes you just come and barge into my life like this again? so I said this...

"Who u?! "

Then she answered...

"Si XXXXX to... how you doin babe?!"

Then I texted back...

"Ha?! (O_o)?"

She said,
"Uyy sorry na, alam ko kasalanan ko naman eh..."

I said...

"Don't worry, I turned out okay... you might as well go talk or text someone else I'm kinda busy..."

she answered..

"Alright... sabe ko nga wala kang time..."

Then I never replied.

After everything that happened she probably wanted to reconnect. I didn't want that ex become friends thing she wants to happen... I believe if I was the one who was wronged then I'm going to tell em I'm okay. Things are getting complicated and hard between her and me and I'm remembering things I'm not supposed to. But really I wanted to do this...

In the back of my mind I think I missed my X, but I won't fall for the same thing again. I did my part, tried to save it all. It didn't work so let's just all get on with our lives ok? You are apparently reading my blog anyway. Hope you get the picture!


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