Frames for Me

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I've been having headaches these days and I got some minor bad news from my doctor. I might need to wear glasses. I'm not really a fan of wearing them since I see how hard it is to maintain. Some of my friends have worn them since they were kids and it looked like it was a little troublesome; let alone not fashion inclined... and to tell you honestly I'm afraid to be in the same situation. I did despise wearing them until I found an on line store that gave me choices beyond my imagination. They have designer grade prescription glasses that are very affordable so who could argue with that?! I must admit I was afraid they would all be very pricey because most malls carry them around hundreds of dollars. The on line store initially had their frames around 8 but these guys are so generous they even have more on the $6.50 range. Who can resist that?! They also have virtual try-on frames so you can take a look at what looks good on you. You can just get a portrait of yourself literally uploaded and fit with your favorite frames. That's just not available elsewhere! Amazing!

So if you guys have that notion or think that it's not cool wearing glasses these days; just remember that you may not have found the perfect pair yet. It takes time... or maybe it just takes a simple place on the net like ZENNI to get you one that you would love. You won't regret these things if you start right in choosing what would look good on you. Am I right?!



mots said...

ouch. hahah di ata ako nagpapalait ng shape ng frames. :) hahah so geeky

seatmate said...

haha! i used to hate wearing one, too, that's why i wore contacts initially. but i cant risk sleeping with my contacts on (although i have done that most of the time, even taking a bath with them!) 'coz it might do my eye more harm than good.

thanks for the link, ill be having a refraction this november!