Daily Moo's 10202010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It was nice to go home and not get drunk again after going to the gym. I had headaches so I didn't have any choice. It was a good thing because when I woke up I was A OK! =)

I didn't get to watch the news today, anything shocking happened lately? Hmm... lemme check them news websites now. The NDCC is not what it seems to be anymore. They changed names. New image? new function? Nah I didn't think so.... Changing names doesn't change bureaucracy.

It's going to be a long weekend for some of us. Me? No. I have to work those days because I'm the only one in the office at those dates. I work hard you know! =)

SK and Barangay Elections are pushing through on Monday... have you seen your candidates going around lately? In our area there were even vans converted into entertainment centers. They all try to impress with jingles and videos off their cars and vans. Did it work? I don't think so! But hell I'm going to vote for my classmate and childhood friend who's on the list. They are good people after all.

I haven't fixed our elementary get together yet. I'll be busy the whole month of November and I might delegate the affair to someone else.

It looks like I'm in love. I'm in love with Halle Berry. When I watched the Catwoman movie I got glued on TV. I never watched it but boy it was really good. No matter how ridiculous the graphics were it was a good attempt. Didn't convert in box office though. I think I'd go for black women these days. I dunno what's happening but I have been seeing myself looking at them most of the time. Improvement of the race might not have been my priority because I've been black when I was a kid too haha! Don't ask!

I'm off to a good weekend guys! You have a nice one too! =)



EngrMoks said...

naks gymboy... gusto ko rin maggym kaso wala lang akong oras, nakakatamad kasi mag-isa. Kaya jogging na lang muna ko.
Have a great weekend din syo par!

John Bueno said...

@mokong salamat =) di naman nakakatamad magisa sa gym... mas ok pa nga saken par eh kasi walang istorbo so you get to finish your stuff ng mas maaga. I barely have sleep so tama saken magisa sa gym hehe

Xprosaic said...

Wow! may pang gym...lol... saka lumalablayp na oh... at si halle berry pa! syetex! lol

John Bueno said...

Bat ayaw mo ba John Lloyd? hhaahahha