Daily Moo's 10052010

Monday, October 04, 2010

I'm having a few laughs looking at the photos I shot when I began photography. I didn't care about the quality of photo I posted. If I shot it, I'll still try to make it work... that's just a nono now. I love the concepts but the shots are just horrible haha!

I don't want to show them. Maybe some but not all of them.

I just went to my Aunt's funeral. A lot of my relatives were there. I didn't know some of them because we are a pretty large family. I really am sad about what happened. Cousins will be here on Friday. I hope they are okay. I hate funerals, I hate seeing people die.

I didn't know about K12. It's the term they use for kindergarten to grade 12. Apparently it is going to be the standard of education in the 2012 school year. From kindergarten, there will be grade 1-6 for elementary, grade 7-10 for junior high and 11-12 for senior high. It's pretty much going to be the same as with other countries. We're the only one left in Asia that is still implementing the old one. How late is that?! O_O

I don't have good news today. I just slept the whole afternoon. I didn't get online at all. I had a headache this morning but it went away. Maybe that's a thing to thank the one above for. I still hate priests and bishops... I almost want to hit one particular person because of that. I hope this is not a permanent one. I'm a good Christian but if I see some unscrupulous people use the pulpit for their own interest, I'll walk out of the church too. Wait.... something tells me I haven't been going to church hehe. =)



pusangkalye said...

ganun talaga.see progression....and you are your best critic parin. pero kung impaired na nga ang mga mata mo tapos pati judgement mo...mahirap n a. I also feel the same with my old photos, I am not saying na magaling nako pero I still see a little progress. hehehe

John Bueno said...

Heheh nakuha mo anton hehe

ZaiZai said...

ok naman ang pics ah? di kasi ako photographer so okay na sa akin yan. maganda naman e :)

John Bueno said...

@Zai hinde eh kasi blurred oh tsaka panget framing hehe XD