Marian Rivera Glows Like a Pro with Blanc Pro

Friday, June 30, 2023

It looks like things are really looking beautiful over at Blanc Pro, a new brand under the Beautéderm Group of Companies. They have highly effective skin products made even affordable, but still promises it still retains its quality.

The Blanc Pro products include the Milk Whitening Soap, Phyto Emerald Moisturizing Soap, the Milk Body Wash, the AHA Body Wash, Sakura Body Scrub, the Clarifying Toner, the Exfoliating Charcoal Whipped Foam and Vita Complex Sleeping Mask (my personal favorite because it smells like cucumber). The Toner boosts collagen production and gently exfoliates, so you get younger looking and softer skin. It has a cooling effect. The Milk Whitening Soap on the other hand fades discolorations, shrinks enlarged pores so you get a brighter complexion. The soaps are intended to be used on the face. The Phyto Emerald Moisturizing Soap won't get you dry skin. It also smells a bit like seaweed for me but it has cucumber on it.

Ms. Rei Anicoche Tan also shared her story, on how she was able to become a successful girl boss despite life's challenges and presented it to the media.

Beautederm President/CEO Ms. Rei Anicoche Tan says "Today is a special day, I can't tell you how much I wished for this day to happen. I had big dreams, hoping to sell products from my home, and I was not alone. Beautéderm is honored to become one of the leading beauty brands in the country, hard work and being kind was always our secret. I'm very happy to share with you today that we are launching our sub brand Blanc Pro. Please, welcome our official Blanc Pro endorser Ms. Marian Rivera. 

Ms. Rei Anicoche Tan also had Beautederm/Blanc Pro dealers spend time on stage with Marian Rivera.

Heard on the sidelines how everyone was at awe on how gorgeous Marian Rivera Dantes is upon seeing her in person. It was the same thing that happened when I interviewed her years back!

Here's Marian's interview with the press, please enjoy!

Marian is officially endorsing the Blanc Pro brand and her current favorite JEJU WHITE Honey Berry and Blooming Dale lotions. She's quite obsessed with it and can finish a bottle quite quick, and she shares how she also sometimes secretly put it on Dingdong Dantes too. The Jeju White Honey Berry smells like crushed berries, I'd suggest you get both if you want to experience what Marian uses personally. Yes she had a hand in formulating this and tried it out before it was released in the market.

Ms. Rei also gave advice about products that are out in the market, you need to make sure they are effective and are of good quality. You are after all investing in your skin, and Blanc Pro could do you good in your journey!


INASAL REPUBLIC Opens West Avenue Branch On July 15th

Thursday, June 29, 2023


Chicken Inasal by Inasal Republic - The meat is soft, evenly cooked, has a crispy skin outside. The garlic rice can be smothered by the good Chicken Oil set on the table. I had a separate dish with Soy Sauce and Sinamak, a spiced vinegar. They have master grillers prepare this for us!

If you're a frequent local traveler, you probably have landed somewhere in Negros Occidental and visited Bacolod City. Much of its charm lies in its people, on how they talk so "malambing" (so soft even when they're mad) and party hard during festivals. I too am from this region, so I'm no stranger to food coming from this place and when I heard Cong. Arjo Atayde, Direk Richard Somes, Gabby Atayde, Ivan Villamar and Mark San Diego were putting up a Chicken Inasal brand called INASAL REPUBLIC, I packed my bags and camped out to see it in Quezon City.

The owners of Inasal Republic can't wait for you to taste their Chicken Inasal

Congressman Arjo Atayde personally served us that afternoon, he was so nice!

Although for some of them, this isn't their first venture into the food business, the partnership blossomed over the last taping day of action film TOPAKK. Arjo was already full from the food served during dinner, but after a while, Chicken Inasal was served on the table and got everyone started raving about it. Direk Richard said Arjo shouldn't leave the table without tasting it, and so he did! 

The Chicken Inasal and other food served that day came from Direk Richard's family recipes, it was passed on from generations of Bacolodnons who loved to eat and cook. Here's a short video of the event, I also included some clips of the food and celebrities that came that afternoon!


Here's some of the food items that's going to be served at Inasal Republic, let me share a few that you'll surely enjoy!

Kansi Soup, comforting and fruity, not too sour which I like! (We were served half the serving because we will be having a lot of food that afternoon!)

Bangus Inasal - I liked how light and soft it was, the very savory sauce complemented it. It was nicely paired with Garlic Rice

Pusit Inasal, for those who love seafood, this would be a dream!

The desserts, Biko, Alupe (in Banana Leaf) and Maja Blanca. I love the Maja Blanca the most as it's so soft, sweet and a little salty on top because of the cheese. The Alupe was new for me, but reminds me of Pangasinan's Tupig, but was actually steamed. Go get them both!

If you're excited as I am about what's about to happen, it'll all go down on July 15th as they open up shop at 25 West Avenue in Quezon City. They also have other items on the menu like the Chicken Inasal Flakes (also in bottles) and Laing that people were loving that afternoon. You can also choose to mix them up with the Garlic Rice, it's as good as it looks in photos. I will probably have to line up that day just to get a taste of it again. Make sure you get ahead of me on July 8 and line up, see why even celebrities loved the Chicken Inasal from Inasal Republic!

There's going to be more branches of it nationwide, so make sure you follow their social channels by searching Inasal Republic on FB, IG and TikTok to get updates where they plan to put them up soon!


School Season Perks with Acer

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

There's probably a lot of things to be excited for and that includes getting geared for the upcoming school season. That would definitely require better hardware especialy with environmentally responsible Acer. They've got an Acer High 2023 Back to School promo, and with it comes 2 Million worth of prizes. This is happening because it's also their 20th Anniversary.

At stake is overseas and domestic trips, some Acer and Acerpure products that can be won by over 40 customers across the Philippines. This would also be best for those who love Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano since this is one of their recent campaign, and you get entries by purchasing participating Acer, Predator and Acerpure devices. Don't worry though because they're throwing in a 15,000 peso discount plus an Acer HighCare Warranty which can safely cover the parts labor and service (door to door) if in case you encounter problems with it. You also need to register it via in one week after purchasing it though.

This is your chance to go to Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cebu, Bohol, Boracay, Siargao, El Nido, or Davao. This includes airfare and accommodations, so all you need to do is pack up and go! If you win products, that can be an Aspire 7, Aspire Vero, Swift Go, Predator Helios Neo, Acerpure Cool C2, Acerpure Clean V1 (that is cordless), just ask which one is a participating product. Remember though, it only will start from June 15 to August 15, so head on to Acer stores and authorized resellers nationwide! Deadline of entries will be on September 5 a minute before midnight and is tax free (courtesy of Acer). Follow them on @AcerPH social channels or because it's all there! Imagine starting school and winning... that's not a bad idea!


Hamilo Coast Offers Pico Terraces for Families

Everybody deserves their own home and in Hamilo Coast, they've got Pico Terraces. It's a place for those looking for a comforting refuge, amenities and the feel of an upscale estate where you and your family could relax and do things you wouldn't be able to do in the city. This new development is managed by Costa Del Hamilo, Inc. which is under SM Prime. Set in different heights, these are condo buildings with a view of lush greeneries and mountain tops, certainly different from the usual noise in Manila.

Aside from the views, there's tons of outdoor amenities that's also included in the 2.1 hectare property which mostly comprise of open spaces, pools, cascading water features especially in Pico De Loro Cove. You can always sit and sleep in the cabanas spread in the Pico Terraces property, have the kids frolic around the lawn and play area or workout in their fitness area too.

Units come in 1, 2 or 3 bedroom suites all designed with a tropical feel. It's got large windows to let natural light in, and some have balconies so you can take advantage of the lush landscapes and have coffee in the mornings. It's also very near the Hamilo Coast Beach Club, the Country Club and even the Pico Beach for those who want to put sand in their feet every now and then. A unit comes with an individual club share so you can enjoy the amenities inside the property without going out in other parts of Nasugbu, Batangas. 
It also sits right across Pico De Loro Cove Beach Club, to of course enjoy it even more with family, set in a prime property location in this province in South Luzon. Where else can you get a place that's got activities, fun, food, nature and a whole lot more things to do with your family, friends and yourself too. If you wish to check out the place, search HamiloCoastPH on FB or their website and see why people are moving there.


Unionbank Go Rewards Visa Card Launched Today

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

They're making shopping even more rewarding today at UnionBank by launching the new  Unionbank Go Rewards Visa Card. It's both a credit card and rewards card all in one. If you're a fan of brands under Robinsons, this is certainly a way of making your purchases more rewarding as it  earns you rewards points and more benefits which they could only provide. It's different because it's accelerated, you get 1 point for every 200 pesos you spend whilst Go Rewards Platinum bearers get 1 point for every 100 pesos spent. Thing is, these points don't expire as long as your Go Rewards account stays active. These are precious ones because you can use them for free stuff, pay for products at Robinsons retail stores or flight tickets if you need to. For those who are already Gold and Platinum, you get to have a Go Rewards Black membership via their automatic upgrade. You can use perks such as exclusive Black Member lanes in Shopwise or The Marketplace if you're doing groceries, and also get free parking in selected branches too.

During the event, Gonkongwei group's executives, Visa reps, UnionBank heads, Go Rewards, Robinsons Retail execs and more were also there to witness the event.

"We are so excited to celebrate the Go Rewards credit card with partnership with UnionBank and Visa. Shopping isn't just shopping anymore, with this co branded credit card, it enhances your journey. The rewards structure will go beyond your expectations. Together we will embark on rewarding experiences." -Ms. Cindy of Go Rewards 

"Today we are very proud to launch a product for our customers with something that they love. The access to such a phenomenal card comes with the joy of shopping, let's begin!" -Rishal of UnionBank

"This is the second time I'm doing this with the Gokongwei group. We bring partners together to offer to customers, to hopefully make payments easier, faster, better for Filipinos. - Jeff of Visa Philippines

You can apply for it online or via the Unionbank or Go Rewards official website today!


Meet the TCL C645 Color Master

Monday, June 26, 2023

If there's something you would want in your QLED TV, it'll defintely call for vivid colors, life like images right on your screen. This is why TCL Electronics has achieved the #2 spot especially the C Series, TCL C645 Color Master. 

It's a whole different experience watching programs on the TV. This is because of the 4K UHD resolution, enabled with tons of colors and HDR that can showcase details of the subject like no other. Those dark shadows, won't be simply black, but wold have details as it's got Dolby Vision Atmos, watching at home would feel like a movie theater. Wouldn't that be nice?

If you're a gamer like me, expect better visuals with TCL Game Master. It's going to give you better refresh rates at 120Hz, plus a lovely 4K visual won't hurt anyone.

Go head on to TCL dealers nationwide and ask for the TCL C645, it'll be the best thing you're going to get for your home. Check their site for the specifications today!


TCL Launches Mini LED, QLED Smart TV's and More in the Philippines

Saturday, June 24, 2023

An awesome evening full of reasons to celebrate together with TCL Philipines and their dealers, friends from the media and a couple more celebrities happened a few days ago in Pasay City. They launched several products such as TCL C845 TV's, TCL C745 QLED 4K TV's and a few more AIOT devices plus smart appliances for home. They had a few celebrities in tow like your Majesty Maja Salvador, the lead bullied husband Nico Bolzico, Chito Miranda and Queen Kathryn Bernardo.

Loyal Cheng CEO of TCL Philippines says "Tech is designed to meet consumer needs and they are looking for more ways to be immersive, smarter and fashionable which is why we are evolving together with our customers. Today we are launching the TCL XL TV's, wearables, Fresh + AC Technology Aircons. We are now the Number 2 Global TV brand in the world, we are Number 1 Google TV Brand worldwide. We are also rising up the ranks in other countries. We are proud to be number one in the Philippines. We are also Top 1 in Split Type Air-conditioner Volume in the country. We are also a global partner of FIBA and the PBA. We put the users first and have worked with Kathryn Bernardo, Maja Salvador, Nico Bolzico, Piolo Pascual and Chito Miranda. We desire to be the number 1 intelligent technology brand worldwide!"

Chito Miranda looks for quality and functionality. He says TCL does that and even makes products that look good. They want to bring smarter and more environmentally apt air conditioner in the Philippines. They want to strive to put out more products in the market since they are the number one brand of aircon in the country. This includes soundbars, airconditioners, refrigerators, and more. That makes total sense! 
Here's some more photos taken from the side of the stage when Kathryn Bernardo came out. Please, enjoy!

This is just the start of even more products coming to the Philippines soon, and with these high caliber endorsers showing you how to use them, it'll be more convincing to use them everyday. Make sure you check out TCL's social channels for more updates about new products, models and things that can take good care of you, your family, and your loved ones too.


Scenes from the MEDIA DAY with TVJ and LEGIT DABARKADS

While I was asking around the TV5's Reliance Studios of what's about to happen, I kind of forgot how huge and controversial this issue is in the Philippine entertainment scene. It's a mix between the matters of business, the personalities, ethics, loyalty, and heartbreak. To say the least, it was hard to digest and formulate apt questions to be streamed live on TV5 and different social channels, scary lol.

Though in hindsight, it just boils down to this... TVJ and all of the Dabarkads are just looking for a new home... TV5 chose them, and so did TVJ Productions Inc. (a company owned by Tito, Vic Sotto and Joey De Leon). For starters, the MVP Group has approached Eat Bulaga a long time ago (according to MVP) and it just happened that the whole talk between them happened after all that issue happened at the other corp. What's happening now is that Mediaquest and TVJ Productions Inc. are now entering an investment deal. They got 51% of the media production company, so they're not blocktimers, they are part owners of the actual company. Ms. Jane Basas the President and CEO of MQuest Ventures was also there to welcome them on board. Senator Tito Sotto was thankful about their welcome!


This was answered by TVJ during the first part of the mediacon:

Then during the mediacon, it was certainly a time for them to get their statements out especially with Bossing Vic, Joey De Leon, Ryan Agoncillo and Allan K who really went balling when several questions were asked about the kind people who supported them plus the time when they were told about their apparent separation from the production.

Senator Tito Sotto also talked about the circumstances around the copyright case they're undergoing, and asserts ownership of Joey de Leon of it. This is really a huge debacle they're being involved in and here's hoping everything will get settled, amicably while both sides get justice they seek. 

About the show, they said it'll be called (XXXXXXX) well, they didn't really confirm the title. So sit back, relax and make sure you see the show on July 1st as they surprise you with what's going to happen with the show they plan to put out lunchtime with the Legit Dabarkads and your well loved TVJ. For now, congratulations to MQuest Ventures and TVJ Productions Inc. for formally signing your partnership. Go get Filipinos entertained!


See Funny Mishaps in Filming "Ang Pangarap Kong Oskars"

Friday, June 23, 2023

When you get to do film, to act, write or direct it, what's the goal? Of course, it's to win an Oscar. Such is the story of this new film called "Ang Pangarap Kong Oskars" by MAVX Productions Inc. This very straightforward comedy stars actors Paolo Contis and Joross Gamboa. This is directed by Jules Katanyag (spirited writer of different TV series, films) and will be shown in cinemas starting June 28th.

The story will revolve around this big dream that Paolo Contis (the Producer Bobby B) and Joross Gamboa (the Director DMZ) has in making a movie that would qualify them to win the much coveted award. To start off, they'll be dealing with the biggest question of them all, where do they find the funds to make it? Aside from that, casting a stellar cast will be extra problematic especially since they're struggling to find those who would play "Aswangs" since it's going to be spinning around folklore and unimaginable concepts they wanted to execute in this new chapter in their lives. This will also involve their struggles, how to make ends meet, how to make their impossible dreams possible, and their fears that it'll all end up in shambles.  

But what if a sudden twist of fate would change things? This starts several things to snowball to either make them win, or lose things in the end. The movie was intended to inspire people to go reach their goals, no matter how big or far it may be. There's also a lot of very touching things you should look forward to, so go make the trip down to movie houses and see why you need to watch "Ang Pangarap Kong Oskars".

The cast includes Kate Alejandrino, Long Mejia, Jon Santos, Gian Magdangal, Faye Lorenzo, Milo Elmido, Yukii Takahashi, Jun Quntana, Leo Bruno, Elaine Ochoa, Zweden Obias, Joseph Villanueva, Ian Ignacio, Paeng Sudayan, VJ Mendoza, Victor Medina, Edmar Guanlao and Jmee Katanyag. Remember, it shows this June 28th in cinemas nationwide!


Smart X Dark League Studios Coop in ESports and GIGA Arena

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

PLDT and Smart Chairman/CEO Al Panlilio

The folks at Smart Communications Inc. just inked a partnership with ESports Event Management and Production giant Dark League Studios in its aim to further grow ESports in the country. This is certainly the time to hone them from grassroots, to pros and eventually have them represent the country in international tourneys. 

This means they'll be working together through the Smart GIGA Arena platform and have folks needed tournament experience in games like Mobile Legends, PubG, CODM, League of Legends Wild Rift and many more. This will grow Smart's capability to host more tournaments especially for the 2 million users it already amassed in previous years. 

Smart President and CEO Al Panlilio says "Working with Dark League Studios means we will provide the best gaming experience for our customers including those in ESports. There are a lot of platforms for Filipinos to excel, it's something we could be proud of especially if they win in the local scene and globally. We offer technologies, bringing hosting locally and connectivity like no other, this is Smart's way of further developing the infrastructure and platforms." 

Alfrancis Chua of DLS says "Smart and Dark League Studios  share the same vision in the ESports industry. We will share our expertise especially in the gaming arena, in hopes to help Filipino ESports athletes to reach their dreams!"

Kelra and Ch4knu from Smart Omega

AC Valdenor, CEO and Co-Founder of Dark League Studios

This is just the start, if you want to know more about it, visit Smart's social channels and their site