Mavy Legaspi and Kyline Alcantara for Luv Is: Love at First Read

Friday, June 09, 2023

t looks like GMA is bringing you another chance to believe in love with the new installment of Wattpad webnovel series called Luv Is: Love at First Read. It's based off a Wattpad web series that's already garnered millions of views on the platform. It's about a guy (named Kudos played by Mavy Legaspi) who's quite skeptical about love, and meeting at unexpected circumstances.

Kudos is a jock, but just couldn't  find the one girl that would make his world stop. After an accident, she (Angelica) had to help him with school and all. Then they find their lives intertwined after Mavi's character Kudos gets to pick up Angelica's diary and read it. He felt he was reading about his ideal girl. Will destiny become part of the reason to find the one?

Kyline says "Mavi and I have always stayed so grateful, as for pressure Mavi is more excited and we both trust the process in making this. I'm just glad I'm working with a person I'm comfortable with, and that's Mavi. We don't really pay attention anymore with criticism, especially the ones that are out of context, but pick up those that can improve us. It feels so good to be able to explore another character, in a new series. Compared to my other projects , this has more emotions. The last time I was giddy was watching the fast talk episode he was in, go watch that on YouTube. He said there that I'm his world, and hearing that, I really appreciate him more."

Mavi adds "It starts with the trust with you co artist who respects our work and personal ethics, we balance it out and as Kyline says, it's being transparent with what we do. It's a big thing for us and it has helped us in a great way! Being with her, I always look at her eyes, and that's when I feel kilig, every second actually."


Aside from Mavy and Kyline, the cast includes good looking actor Bruce Roeland, internationally awarded actress Therese Malvar, Larkin Castor, Josh Ford, Kiel Gueco and Vito Gueco (of the Gueco Twins) and Mariel Pamintuan.

This is a partnership with Wattpad Webtoon Studios and GMA, choosing the story and they said is first and foremost, based on popularity. Hopefully they will be able to make more programs out of novels in the platform. And soon, there will be more stories that will be in GMA. The writer also said that even though there are changes, it will be developed for TV so they will love the story even more. You've got a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks. Luv Is: Love at First Read will be showing on June 12th (Independence Day) GMA at 5:40PM right before 24 Oras. Special thanks to TikTok, GMA PSD, and Sparkle for having us cover this event!


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