Scenes from the MEDIA DAY with TVJ and LEGIT DABARKADS

Saturday, June 24, 2023

While I was asking around the TV5's Reliance Studios of what's about to happen, I kind of forgot how huge and controversial this issue is in the Philippine entertainment scene. It's a mix between the matters of business, the personalities, ethics, loyalty, and heartbreak. To say the least, it was hard to digest and formulate apt questions to be streamed live on TV5 and different social channels, scary lol.

Though in hindsight, it just boils down to this... TVJ and all of the Dabarkads are just looking for a new home... TV5 chose them, and so did TVJ Productions Inc. (a company owned by Tito, Vic Sotto and Joey De Leon). For starters, the MVP Group has approached Eat Bulaga a long time ago (according to MVP) and it just happened that the whole talk between them happened after all that issue happened at the other corp. What's happening now is that Mediaquest and TVJ Productions Inc. are now entering an investment deal. They got 51% of the media production company, so they're not blocktimers, they are part owners of the actual company. Ms. Jane Basas the President and CEO of MQuest Ventures was also there to welcome them on board. Senator Tito Sotto was thankful about their welcome!


This was answered by TVJ during the first part of the mediacon:

Then during the mediacon, it was certainly a time for them to get their statements out especially with Bossing Vic, Joey De Leon, Ryan Agoncillo and Allan K who really went balling when several questions were asked about the kind people who supported them plus the time when they were told about their apparent separation from the production.

Senator Tito Sotto also talked about the circumstances around the copyright case they're undergoing, and asserts ownership of Joey de Leon of it. This is really a huge debacle they're being involved in and here's hoping everything will get settled, amicably while both sides get justice they seek. 

About the show, they said it'll be called (XXXXXXX) well, they didn't really confirm the title. So sit back, relax and make sure you see the show on July 1st as they surprise you with what's going to happen with the show they plan to put out lunchtime with the Legit Dabarkads and your well loved TVJ. For now, congratulations to MQuest Ventures and TVJ Productions Inc. for formally signing your partnership. Go get Filipinos entertained!


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